Some astonishing facts about Ruby, which you must know

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones that corresponds to the Sun. Ruby, which is also known, as Manek is a dazzling gemstone that can attract anyone.

It possesses spiritual energy and is a symbol of elegance and luxury. Natural Ruby is more expensive than colourless diamond and according to western traditional culture, it is also known as July birthstone.

We list below a few astonishing facts about natural Red Rubies

  1. The word ruby is derived from the Latin word “rubens” which means red.
  2. Rubies are found in different red shades. The can either be rich deep red to pigeon blood red and reddish pink. The presence of the mineral chromium gives it the red hue.
  3. Rubies are very strong, recording nine on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are as tough and hardy as sapphires and only mildly softer than diamonds.
  4. Rubies have been found all over the world but Myanmar (formerly Burma) has maximum number of them. Rubies are also found in Africa, Australia, the USA, Thailand and other regions in Asia.
  5.  Rubies of the best quality are those with a full, rich red colour with just few bluish undertones. In the earliest times, the best rubies were mined in Myanmar and it is from there that the term “Burmese ruby” indicated the best quality rubies.
  6. Almost all rubies have imperfections. Rubies without flaws are extremely rare and are priced even higher than diamonds of almost the same weight and quality.
  7. Rubies, because of their excellent red tint, are often conjoined to themes concerning the true meaning of life. If there is one gemstone that symbolises love and passion, it is the ruby.
  8. Almost all natural rubies are treated to enhance their colour and make them stronger.

 What are the astrological benefits of wearing a Ruby gemstone?

Ruby is the gemstone that is ruled by the Sun.

Sun is the nurturer that gives energy, name, fame, success and health. It blesses the wearer of this gemstone with good health, boldness to face the challenges of the world, self-confidence, success, name and fame. Rubies have a strong influence on the healing of bones.

One who wears ruby find himself more active, flexible, strong, and free from sicknesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

It makes the bones tough and strong and provides energy to the body. It makes the skeletal system of the body strong and curs several skin diseases. Ruby also effectively treats ailments like indigestion, vertigo, jaundice, diarrhoea, body pains, irregular blood pressure, etc.

People who suffer from low self-esteem and are gripped by fear in performing several tasks find a boost in their self-confidence after wearing the ruby gemstone.

Ruby gives the wearer the self-confidence and improves the thinking, analysing and reasoning power. Overall, ruby induces positivity and confidence in the lives of the wearers.

 What are the effects of Ruby stone in your life?

a) If the sun is in a favourable alignment in your birth chart, you have chances to live a luxurious life.

b) It is recommended to those who want to achieve financial stability and enjoy a kingly life.

c) Ruby symbolises with love and passion, and so it can help to improve your love life, marriage and strengthen your bond with your loved ones. 

d) It improves your focus and determination.

 Which individuals should wear Ruby gemstone?

a) You are more likely to emerge successful in competitive exams after wearing Ruby and so the wearers of the stone are mostly students, doctors, farmers, and politician and government officials 

b) Individuals born between August 16 and September 17 are said to benefit the most from Ruby.

c) The stone is more beneficial to individuals born on first, tenth and twenty-eighth date of any month.

 Which diseases can be healed wearing a Ruby gemstone?

a) Ruby gives you energy and agility.

b) A Ruby also helps to improve your vision and treat eye disease. It is also helpful if you have any issues related to the blood circulation in your body.

c) Ruby helps in curing chronic depression by helping the wearer overcome the mental and emotional agony.

d) Astrologers advise to wear Ruby if you are suffering from diseases like rheumatic arthritis; none related problems, diffidence and instability of the mind. Wearing a Ruby is likely to treat the above-mentioned problems

e) Ruby treats skin diseases.

f)  Ruby is recommended to be worn by people who suffer from bone tuberculosis.

When, Where, How and what type of Ruby gemstone should be worn?

a) One must wear the Ruby gemstone on Sundays within one hour after sunrise. You can wear Ruby at a place within the home where puja is done regularly. However, you have to carry out certain rituals before you adorn yourself with Ruby.

b) You should wear the original, best quality and Government certified Ruby stone. You can explore Khanna Gemstones online to get the top-rated quality and certified Ruby stone

c) Before adorning yourself with Ruby you must activate a stone by immersing it in Panchamrut (a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar) for washing away all the negative energy and impurities that is present in the gemstone.

d) Then for one hour after sunrise burn incense stick in your temple and pray to Lord Sun. Chant Surya mantra “Om Suryaha Namah” for 108 times.

e) Thereafter you should seek blessing of your family deity and wear a ring on the ring finger of either left or right hand

How to take care of Ruby gemstone? 

It is recommended to clean the stone with hot soapy water with the help of an old or unused toothbrush to remove all the dirt and grime. You must rinse it well with water after cleaning. Do not use any cleaning agent that has chlorine in it.

On which finger Ruby gemstone should be worn?

You can wear the Ruby studded ring on the ring finger of any hand.

The strength and powerful influence of Ruby is well known to us. Humans have always been attracted towards this gemstone due to its varied astrological benefits.

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