Sombre-looking Belarus dictator Lukashenko bids farewell to ‘assassinated’ foreign minister

Alexander Lukashenko, looking sombre as he bid goodbye to his long-serving foreign secretary today, as speculation continues over whether the diplomat has been assassinated.

After Vladimir Makei’s sudden death at the weekend, the Belarusian president reportedly ordered toxicology testing.

Telegram channel Obraz Buduschego (Vision of the Future) reported that the Makei security team is being put through lie detector tests.

Makei was buried in Minsk on this morning amid unverifiable claims that the former spy and veteran diplomat, 64, was murdered in a Moscow sting operation. This was allegedly due to his clandestine contacts and discussions with the West about the war in Ukraine, and his efforts to stop Belarus being incorporated in Russia by Vladimir Putin.

Over the coffin of Vladimir Makei, a sombre Lukashenko looks on.

Belarus Dictator Alexander Lukashenko Prepares To Pay Respects At The Funeral Of His Longtime Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei, 64, Who Died Suddenly Of Unexplained Causes

Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus prepares for the funeral of Vladimir Makei, his longtime foreign minister, who, at 64, died unexpectedly from unexplained causes

Minister Of Foreign Affairs Of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, 64, Died In Undisclosed Circumstances

Vladimir Makei, the 64-year-old Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, died in unknown circumstances

Lukashenko looked troubled as he paid his respects to his fallen right-hand man. A dark look crossed his face when he stepped up towards the coffin, rested his hand on the edge and glanced down.

The funeral ceremony was attended by Dmitry Mezentsev State Secretary of Russia and Belarus, Stanislav Zas Secretary General of CSTO, and Russia’s Ambassador to Belarus. Andrei Rudenko, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Multiple reports claim Makei’s suicide has’shaken’ Lukashenko who now fears his safety.

It is claimed that the tyrant has replaced his cooks and servants in fear of being assassinated by Moscow.

Telegram channel Vision of the Future stated that results from multiple post-mortem tests would be available by tomorrow.

According to reports, Makei’s security staff and security guards will be interrogated. They will also undergo polygraph testing.

The death of Makei has been a source of speculation, amid tensions from Lukasenko’s refusal and continued resistance to Russia’s takeover of Belarus.

A Small Group Of Dignitaries Watch On At The Funeral Of Makei

A small number of dignitaries are present at Makei’s funeral

A Smiling Portrait Of Makei Adorns His Coffin In Minsk, Belarus, This Morning

This morning, Makei’s smiling portrait is displayed on his coffin in Minsk (Belarus).

Minister Of Foreign Affairs Of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, 64, Died In Undisclosed Circumstances. Pictured With Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir Makei (64), was the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Belarus. He died in unspecified circumstances. Pictured with Alexander Lukashenko

Leonid Nevzlin, exiled Putin critic and entrepreneur, claimed that Makei died from poisoning developed at an FSB special lab.

He The sources are “close to Russian special forces”, according to the cited sources.

Video of Makei on a Belarusian military cargo aircraft last week, just before he died. He It was not known that he suffered from any chronic illness. 

Nevzlin stated that the clinical picture in such cases corresponds with death from stroke or heart disease.

Makei was scheduled this week to attend the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE), meeting in Poland. He would meet top Western politicians and officials. 

Makei will be buried at Minsk’s Vostochnoye cemetery. 

Vladimir Makei Is Pictured With His Wife Vera Polyakova-Makei

Vladimir Makei and Vera Polyakova–Makei are pictured

A Video Taken Just Days Ago Showed Makei Seemingly Healthy As He Boarded A Belarusian Military Jet

Makei looked healthy just days before he boarded the Belarusian military jet.

Exiled Putin Critic And Businessman Leonid Nevzlin Alleged That Makei 'Died As A Result Of Poisoning Developed In An Fsb Special Laboratory'

Leonid Nevzlin, exiled Putin critic and entrepreneur, claimed that Makei ‘died from poisoning developed at an FSB special lab’

Nevzlin said that his theory about poisoning was supported by the fact the 64-year old official had no health issues, was active and was planning.

“He didn’t visit doctors when he suddenly had a cardiac condition. He hadn’t ever experienced such problems before, and he didn’t attach any importance to his pain.

General SVR, a Telegram channel, also claimed Makei was assassinated.

It was ‘planned and prepared by Vladimir Putin’, according to a new post.

“No one can hide the fact that Lukashenko has committed murder.”

“The act was demonstrative and aimed to disrupt Lukashenko’s separate negotiations with China and the West.”

This version of Makei’s death suggests that Makei was involved in secret relations to the West at Lukashenko’s behest in geopolitical power plays.

Soon after his return from Armenia, Makei became ill and passed away. This was just hours before he was scheduled for Minsk to host Russia’s Lavrov.

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