Solutions For Start-Up Brokers

Starting any business is an uncertain and somewhat nerve-wracking experience. Statistically, a new business will fail within its first three years. 

Forex is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and to stand a chance of succeeding a founder must employ robust systems and tools to grow in this competitive market.

Popcorn Technology provides all brokerage solutions for startup brokerages to help them through those tough first few months.

They have worked with all kinds of businesses and have helped them to achieve their goals in a relatively short period.

Startup brokerages can significantly reduce costs and speed up the route to market when working in partnership with Popcorn Technology.

Building a Brand

A business needs to have an identity. Customers will return to a trusted, well-branded company time and time again. A brokerage that is easily identifiable will have a significant advantage over the competition. Popcorn has a branding team that can help to establish reputation and confidence in any customer base. Their team includes web design professionals who can provide an expert opinion about things like logo packages, blog content and more.

MT4 Platform

The MеtаTrаdеr platform is synonymous and has an excellent reputation throughout the industry. It is a wise choice for a new brokerage to use proven software that provides convenience, simplicity and fast exеcution. Innovative tools like Social Тrаding, PАМM and МАM accounts will attract new investors, as well as more seasoned traders. It will go a long way to establishing authoritativeness.

The MT4 platform is a trusted workspace. It is vital to provide a familiar trading environment.

Back Office

The Popcorn back-office system is all-encompassing and provides a dedicated online workspace to manage all aspects of a brokerage.

An excellent back office should facilitate easy management of new account applications, provide analytics, assist in the processes of asset allocation, withdrawals and deposits.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamlining client-facing processes and keeping track of customer queries is particularly important. The CRM needs to be deeply integrated with the broader business to help a brokerage stay organised and achieve its goals.

Affiliate Network

Popcorn has access to a network of people who can help to provide continuous fresh leads and boost revenue.

Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Access to the latest payment providers will allow for convenient and rapid transactions. Popcorn Technology has relationships with the best providers in the industry enabling new brokerages to provide these services to its clients.

The Popcorn Startup Team

A dedicated startup team has been formed to help new brokerages follow the correct path. Their team will explain what is required to run a new brokerage and will have the answers to specific startup questions.

By providing an environment where new brokerages can thrive, Popcorn hopes to develop a fruitful long term partnership with its clients so each party can share in their successes.

From the perspective of a new business, it is vital to have a more experienced partner to call on for help if it is needed and so Popcorn makes themselves available 24/5.