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Solana [SOL] outshines Ethereum [ETH] on this crucial parameter


  • Solana’s Nakamoto Coefficient stood at 31 as compared to Ethereum’s 1.
  • Solana was well-distributed throughout locations without any nation managing 33% of the active stake.

The Solana [SOL] Structure released its newest Validator Health Report in which it revealed important statistics like the variety of validator nodes and their circulation throughout the network.

According to the report, the network boasted more than 3,400 nodes out of which over 2,400 were nodes that took part in verifying deals on the chain, likewise called agreement nodes.

1/ The March 2023 Validator Health Report is out.

Today, @Solana is among the biggest evidence of stake networks on the planet by node count, and among the most dispersed by Nakamoto Coefficient. https://t.co/NlxHZqHnV5 pic.twitter.com/1AcDtQK7p2

— Solana Foundation (@SolanaFndn) March 23, 2023

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Solana ratings over Ethereum?

The Nakamoto Coefficient, developed by previous Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, is a widely-used procedure of the decentralization of a blockchain.

The Nakamoto coefficient determines decentralization and represents the minimum variety of nodes needed to interfere with the blockchain’s network.

A greater Nakamoto Coefficient suggests that the network has a great deal of nodes and is therefore more decentralized and safe.

Among the significant takeaways of the report was the reading of the Nakamoto Coefficient. For the Solana chain, it stood at 31 as compared to simply 1 for the greatest proof-of-stake network, Ethereum [ETH]

A take a look at Ethereum’s validator circulation will probably amount this up. More than 44% of the staked ETH was held by simply 4 individuals.

The report highlighted that Solana was well-distributed throughout locations with no nation managing 33% of the active stake. In the case of Ethereum, more than 45% of the nodes were focused in just one nation, the U.S.

Solana new

Source: Solana Foundation

Solana’s security preventative measures

A bug in a validator customer has the possible to shut a whole network down if there’s no backup. Solana mentioned that it had 2 validator customers at its disposal to assist throughout exigencies. A 3rd customer was under advancement.

It needs to be kept in mind that the network was struck by a significant blackout on 25 February, which lasted for almost 20 hours. Tech interruptions for Solana aren’t a brand-new phenomenon. It was struck by a number of network problems in 2022.

Reasonable or not, here’s SOL market cap in BTC’s terms

It was clear that Solana was concentrating on network improvements as suggested by the increasing advancement activity. The financiers’ belief remained in the favorable surface also, which in part was sustained by enhancing market conditions.

The deal volume for SOL decreased by over 50% because striking $1.14 billion on 20 March. The rate fell by more than 8% up until press time, per CoinMarketCap information.

Solana SOL 14.55.42 24 Mar 2023

Source: Santiment

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