Social Network Big Data Will Boost Website Traffic

The importance of social media in business marketing cannot be overlooked. All you have to do is find the best ways to make the best use of it. One such important way to boost your website traffic easily through your social networks is by transport planning and using big data.

It is the characteristics of people that influence social activities and it is this characteristic feature that you need to utilize. For this you will need to:

However, the velocity at which this huge amount of data is available may make your work seem a bit difficult which is why you need proper planning and utilize some of the best data mining techniques.

Social network big data is typically characterized by three Vs, namely:

  • Volume
  • Velocity and 
  • Variety.

To use Big Data effectively, you will need using definite technology and analytical tools to transform the value of this data for your business marketing purpose.

However, make sure that you consider the specific characteristics so that you can integrate with the different internet-based social network and media tools. When you use data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, you will have better social interactions.

Create a better social media plan

In order to make the Big data work on social media to boost the traffic to your site, you will need to design a social media plan that is unique, effective and productive. This plan will ensure that you set and get measurable goals and results.  

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A few common goals set by most of the business owners include:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Ensure better and higher conversions
  • Build instant and better connections with the potential clients
  • Create better brand awareness and to
  • Establish a higher online presence and authority

In addition to that, you will also need to follow the progress and know whether or not you are moving in the right direction to achieve your goals. For this, you will need to audit your social media accounts on a regular basis.

This audit will enable you to optimize the social channels and make the best of the advantages that it comes with. In order to optimize your social networks, all you have to do is create a completed profile that includes a bio section, proper links to your site and attractive photos on the cover or home page. 

Look for the success indicators

Big Data

Your aim while using social media networks for your business purpose is to get a high GCR and traffic from these platforms. This you can only achieve when you follow a few specific social traffic conversion best practices and focus on the success indicators. These are:

You will need to fine-tune your schedule with an increase or decrease in your post-activity based on different parameters such as more clicks, shares, retweets. You can use the custom Google Analytics tags for that matter.

You will also need to focus on using keywords that will result in high conversion. These keywords may vary according to the type of social media platform you use. For example:

  • If you use Twitter, then the keywords to use are a retweet, follow, check out, help, social media, new blog post, top
  • If you use LinkedIn, use keywords like created, improved, reduced, researched, increased, developed  
  • If you use Facebook, the keywords to use are where, when, submit, discount, deals, tell us, inspire, warns and others
  • If you use Google+, the best keywords that will ensure higher clicks and conversions are share, promote, discover, increase, create.

No matter whichever keyword you use, make sure that you always use a website structure that is most social media-friendly.

Social media marketing trends

If you want to have the highest conversion of social traffic to your website then you will have to follow the latest trends in social media marketing, as advices by the industry experts such as Storm likes and others. This will ensure that your social media marketing strategy is in accordance with the fast and ever-changing social media landscape.

This, ideally, is not an easy task but if you know the trends then it will be a bit easier for you to stay competitive in 2019 and in the years to come. The trends are:

  • You will need to increase your ad spend since organic reach by simply posting compelling content is no more effective than it was before. This is not only true for Facebook but for all other social media channels as well.
  • You will also need to keep a close watch and measure your efforts on social media to build a large number of followers. Since the channels are merging, this will increase your possibilities even more.

Just make sure that your strategies are innovative so that you can reach out to more users using newer and better ways of communicating. 

Strategies to follow

In order to increase your social media traffic, you will need to follow a few specific strategies. 

  • First, you must know and be very specific about what you want from your social connections exactly. 
  • Second, make sure that site allows you to add at least one social media account in the on-page bio. 
  • If there is a ‘do-follow link’ in the post, you will be even better off as that will increase your reach and website authority.
  • Make sure that you choose links that will result in more visibility of your site and in turn enhance the web traffic from the searches. 
  • And finally, choose the site wisely according to your needs.

Last but not least, you should be well aware and stay away from any unethical practices because Google will spot it easily and not rank your site. All your efforts will go waste. Also, be patient to get the desired results and be mentally prepared to take rejections in stride.

Knowing about your competitors and being selective in your process will pay off well both in terms of money and volume of traffic.