Socceroos get to practice their skills with a little bit of traditional Aussie kick the soccer ball into the wheeliebin

Socceroos practice their skills with a bit of traditional Aussie kicking the ball in the wheelie bin – and one player has clearly been practicing







You can take the Socceroos out of Australia, but you’ll never take the Aussie out of the Socceroos.

While there have certainly been some intense training exercises so far during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Socceroos team took some time off ahead of their knockout match against Argentina to take it easy.

The trusty bin appeared and the players lined up to see who could throw the ball into the garbage disposal icon of Australian culture.

For international readers who may not know what a wheelie bin is, it is an outdoor wheeled bin commonly known as a dumpster in other countries.

You could tell it’s been many years since this group of Socceroos were forced to practice their skills in a backyard like this, and most of them fell way short of it.

But Miloš Degenek is suspected to have taken a shot or two lately after garbage collection day.

Degenek Celebrates Getting Two Shots On Target In Aussie Classic 'Kick The Ball In The Clicker Game'

Degenek celebrates getting two shots on target in Aussie classic ‘kick the ball in the clicker game’

On his first try, the defender calmly plopped the ball into the bin, pointed a finger to the sky, took off his shirt and completed a victory lap.

While Jason Cummings and Mitch Duke – who scored the winning goal for the match against Tunisia – made wayward shots, it looked like this was a game best left to the defenders, with Bailey Wright also making light work of the task .

That caused the Socceroos boys to call out Degenek to see if he could make lightning strike twice.

While putting his shirt back on, Degenek told his teammates, “I can’t do it twice.”

However, he proved him wrong by walking to the marker and throwing the ball into the bin – although he had to rely on a bit of luck.

The ball hit the edge of the box and bounced straight up into the air before dropping safely back into the box for his second ‘goal’ and another round of celebration.

France'S Kylian Mbappe Controls The Ball Next To Australian Milos Degenek, Left.  During The World Cup Group D Football Match Between France And Australia

France'S Kylian Mbappe Controls The Ball Next To Australian Milos Degenek, Left.  During The World Cup Group D Football Match Between France And Australia

France’s Kylian Mbappe controls the ball next to Australian Milos Degenek, left. during the World Cup Group D football match between France and Australia

“Imagine Premier League players watching this,” one fan joked during the Aussie classic training exercise.

“I hope Messi doesn’t see this,” another warned.

“Every team has a fun session after the right training session, it helps the team chemistry,” another fan replied.

Australia will play Argentina in their round of 16 knockout match of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar at 6am AEDT.

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