Sniper who had a clear shot at terrorist Man Haron Monis in the siege of Lindt in Sydney reveals why he did not shoot


December 15 8:33 am: Man Haron Monis entered the Lindt Cafe, ate chocolate cake and drank tea, they went to a table with a view of the entire cafe.

9.03 am: Monis asked to speak to the manager and Tori Johnson sat down with him.

Johnson told a staff member to get the keys and lock the doors. Then Monis put on a vest and a bandana before he got up and produced the gun.

Monis told the cafe that he had a bomb and ordered everyone to go to the front of the cafe before forcing hostages to raise a flag.

9.44 am: Monis forced Johnson to call a triple-zero and told the police that the cafe was being attacked and that there were bombs in Martin Place, Circular Quay and George Street (which later turned out to be false).

9.51 am: Police arrive on the spot.


9.52 am: Tactical operations unit recognizes the emergency situation and goes to the café.

12pm: Monis forced hostages to call media throughout the country and act as his spokesperson.

Hostages named newsrooms on 2GB, Nine, Seven and Ten, as well as the ABC and News Corp.

He became furious when he realized that his messages were not broadcast by the media.

3:37 pm: After 6 pm, hostages Stefan Balafoutis and John O & # 39; asked Brien to go to the toilet and try their luck when they opened the front door with a button at the base.

The men took their chance and sprinted to safety while Monis concentrated on talking to hostages closer to him.

Shortly thereafter, Lindt supervisor Paolo Vassallo escaped through a fire door.


4.57 pm: Two employees, Elly Chen and Bae Jieun, walked out of the cafe in seconds.

Midnight: shortly after midnight, videos were uploaded from the cafe to the internet. A total of four videos were uploaded.

December 16, 2:00 am: Monis was agitated and shuffled around hostages, that is when seven hostages rushed to a door and kicked it down.

The group was seen fleeing just minutes before the police stormed the café with flash grenades and live ammunition.

The firefight was over in just 30 seconds, before police and aid workers left the café with wounded hostages.


Katrina Dawson was shot and paramedics did their best to keep her alive, but she died on the sidewalk.

Tori Johnson, cafe manager, was reportedly shot in the head by Monis during the siege.

The police managed to kill Monis when they stormed the cafe.

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