Smooth it on: reviews Graydon Intimacy Oil, formulated to nourish and soften your skin

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Just the mention of body oils can bring up images of intimate evenings with your partner, smoothing silky creams over each other and experiencing those feelings that only human touch can provide.

And sometimes, the mere suggestion of what’s to come can be more alluring than anything else. A bottle of Graydon Intimacy OilThere are many options. Give one another a sensual massage. You can also smoothen it on your own skin if you’re alone.

This oil feels silky and soft to the touch. It was created with the goal of helping people feel more connected with their bodies.

This oil is both delicious and easy to use. It is loaded with nourishing oils that feel silky on contact.

It can also be used to massage your partner, making it an essential part of intimate moments. It’s also great for smoothing hair, cuticle softener and moisturizer.


This oil is not a personal lubricant, unlike other brands of ‘intimacy’ oils. It is intended for external use only and should not be combined with latex. Instead, it’s an oil that feels simply feels good to the touch — and that’s formulated to help you feel better connected to your body. 

Graydon Moffat was the founder of this company. Intimacy Oil In the first place. As a result of her eating disorder, she was unable to accept her body. She admits that it was hard to even apply body lotion.

Graydon Intimacy Oil Is Packaged In A Convenient Spray Bottle, So You Can Spritz It Right On, Massage Into Your Skin, And Go (Or Stay In, Depending On What You Have In Mind).

Graydon Intimacy Oil can be sprayed directly onto your skin in a convenient spray container.

It was this that spurred her to create Intimacy Oil — something that feels as good as it looks, and that’s so much more than a standard lubricant. Her The goal was to create “Positive relationships are more common“With herself and her skin.”

This could be the essence of intimacy at its core. This is the sign of intimacy with yourself, your body and your soul. 

You can have a lot of fun with a body oil. It can be used for massages so it could be a great addition to your collection if you wish to spice things up at home. You can massage your partner with gentle teasing or wild erotica. The oil you choose will complement your style.

Graydon Intimacy Oil Breakdown 


  • Ingredients for conditioning include hemp oil and blue tansy.
  • High in vitamin E, this product has a strong antioxidant effect.
  • Antimicrobial cinnamon added to the product


  • Pleasant, delicate and subtle scent.
  • It feels like a light serum that glides onto the skin
  • After use, skin feels soft for hours without the need to reapply
  • Oil absorbs quickly after contact. 
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Waterless
  • Only for topical use
  • 3.4 oz. ($49)
  • 8 oz. ($90)


It’s time to put it to the test

It was an honor to try this wonderful oil. The soft, minty-blue color of the oil was attractively packaged in a sleek container.

Beauty is all around, not just the aesthetics. Graydon Intimacy Oil It was immediately apparent when I touched it. It’s light and silky, with a consistency almost like a lightweight serum.

The company states that it’s designed for use on either wet or dry skin, and can be applied all over to relax the body and unwind. It also pulls double (and triple and quadruple…) duty as an oil for the hair and to moisturize dry cuticles.

The application of the product was effortless. A little bit goes a long way, and I didn’t feel like I needed to use more to achieve a deeper moisturizing effect. 

I have found that applying a hydrating oil to lightly dampened skin is the best way to reap its benefits. I did this by gently massaging the oil into my skin in circular motions after a shower. 

The Graydon Intimacy Oil Feels Light And Airy To The Touch, With A Serum-Like Consistency That Instantly Hydrates Dry Skin.

Graydon Intimacy Oil feels light, airy and hydrating to the skin. It has a serum-like consistency.

My skin felt soft right away, without any of the greasy residue that’s so typical of most body oils. There was no stickiness — I definitely didn’t feel like I needed to jump in the shower again. I was able to quickly change into my comfortable loungewear and nothing was left behind that felt uncomfortable.

The texture was amazing, but what I loved most was how my skin felt instantly hydrated. It is loaded with skin-loving ingredients like moisturizing squalane, omega-packed hemp oil, soothing milk thistle and calming blue tannins.

I could not say which product had the most positive effect on my skin but I do know that virtually all ingredients are gentle. This is a huge deal for sensitive skin. Even then, it can take some trial and error before you are completely confident that the product is safe.

To this end, I tried the oil for a few weeks and was increasingly satisfied with the results. It also didn’t once cause any skin irritations. The natural scent is divine and perfect for home spa sessions.

It’s lightly sweet, with a faint floral undertone. It’s even a little bit earthy. And though I have a rather sensitive olfactory system, this fragrance didn’t trigger it in the least. 

The bottom line

It is worth the investment Graydon Intimacy Oil Why bother when there are many other oils that moisturize? There are many reasons to believe so.

There’s the fact that it introduces an entire portfolio of deeply hydrating and nurturing ingredients to your skin — none of which can be found blended together in existing body oils.

Graydon Intimacy Oil Isn'T A Personal Lubricant, But A Feel-Good, Love-Yourself, Honor-Your-Body Essence That Helps You Feel Better And Better With Every Use.

Graydon Intimacy Oil does not serve as a personal oil, but is a feel good, love-yourself and honor-your body essence that will make you feel better with each use.

Another selling point is the aroma. It’s distinctive for the way the essential oils come together in perfect harmony, yielding a fragrance that’s just right — like it’s merely kissed the skin with lightness instead of overpowering it with a vengeance. 

It has a natural, pretty scent that reminds you of running through a garden on a sunny afternoon. It is the essence of what “whimsical” might smell like.

I appreciate the company’s openness in sharing the oil ingredients. It is possible to use any product safely. My skin didn’t become irritated from regular use so I knew I had a good product.

You can buy a bottle of this product at Graydon

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