Smokeless and Smoke-producing Tobacco Alternatives

Tobacco alternatives come in two forms; smokeless and smoke-producing products. These are the umbrella terms for a variety of alternative tobacco products. 

Smoke producing products include cigars, beedis, kreteks, herbal cigarettes, and heat-not-burn tobacco products. The smokeless category includes dissolvable that provide a fake chewing tobacco experience and chewing tobacco alternatives. It is important to note that there are also some great options that have neither tobacco and nor do they produce smoke, like CBD gummies.

Smokeless products 

  • Dissolvable 

These are flavored nicotine-containing products available in the market as orbs, lozenges, strips, toothpick-sized sticks, breath mints, and strips. The consumer holds the product in their mouth and either bites or chews on them to release their contents. 

  • Chewing Tobacco Alternatives 

These smokeless products are designed to be placed inside the mouth and are available in different forms like snuffs, snuses, plugs, and chew. Details of these types are mentioned below;

  • Also known as a wad, chews are a leafy form of tobacco. These are sold in small pouches. Chews are placed inside the mouth, between the cheeks and gums, for several hours.
  • Plugs are also a form of chew tobacco, similar to chews. They are pressed into a hard block form and placed between the mouth’s cheeks and gums.
  • Snuffs are also known by the name of dipping. They are a ground form of tobacco and are sold in cans. A snuff is placed between the lower lip and the gums. 
  • Snuses are a finely ground and moist type of smokeless tobacco. It comes in a variety of flavors. 

Smoke Producing Products 

  • Beedis 

Beedis are small and thin hand-rolled cigarettes. They comprise tobacco flakes wrapped in either a tendu or a piliostigma racemosum leaf secured on one side either by a string or an adhesive. Imported mostly from Asia, beedis come in different flavors as well.

  • Heat-not-burn Tobacco Products 

These come in the form of devices that heat tobacco to release nicotine. This battery-powered system releases an aerosol on heating, which is inhaled by the consumer.

  • Kreteks 

Kreteks are also known as clove cigarettes since they are made using a mixture of clove, tobacco, and some additives. They are of Indonesian origin and are mostly imported from there too. The name ‘kretek’ is of onomatopoetic origin as the cigarettes produced a crackling sound when the cloves burned. 

  • Cigars 

Comprising dried fermented tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf, cigars come in various flavors, types, and sizes. The size of a cigar is dependent on two variants; its length and the ring gauge. 

However, the size of a cigar is not a determinant of its strength. The length is measured through inches, whereas the ring gauge is the diameter of the cigar broken in sixty-fourths of an inch. 

Different cigars include Churchill, Lonsdale, Pyramid, Perfecto, Pyramid, Robusto, and many others. Cigars have additional interest catching flavors like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, rum, cherry and, Irish crème.

  • Herbal Cigarettes 

Herbal cigarettes mostly contain natural ingredients and a minimum amount of tobacco. The herbal blend used in herbal cigarettes can be categorized into two types; completely herbal products and non-herbal natural products.

Entirely herbal products include ingredients like corn silk, mint, cinnamon, or lemongrass. In contrast, the non-herbal natural category comprises products like rose petals or clover leaves.