Smell you later! I’m a pet owner and this odor removing spray is my home hero – buy it on sale at Amazon

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Per bottle: “Smells like heaven, works like hell”: we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. (Photo: Amazon)

I have both a dog and a cat, and I’m all too familiar with the smells that surround them – eau de dog park, or the pretty look of dirty litter box, for example. As I get used to it, anyone who ventures into my house gets a whiff. Now I’m diligent in cleaning my space and making sure my pets don’t look like the gremlins they sometimes are, but mask their scent? That’s been rough.

Recently, I came across an odor-eliminating spray that gave a ridiculous number of Amazon shoppers five stars. It is called Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator and it retails for $21, down from $30. Hot diggity dog!

Fragrances don't stand a chance.  (Photo: Amazon)

Spray those smells away. (Photo: Amazon)

The spray deodorizes stains and removes urine stains from carpets and all types of hard floors. Safe to use around pets and children, it’s made from real orange for a citrusy, fresh scent you’ll love. There’s no need to dilute it either: just spray and you’re done. Even if your pet isn’t prone to accidents, a few sprays of the stuff will eliminate that stench. It’s also super potent: a few spritzes and my whole living room smelled like an orange grove.

It’s so powerful that one shopper even used it after a skunk spray!

“Cuts through noxious odors – from pet stains to acidic trash cans,” They wrote. “I bought it to deal with the effects of a skunk blast around my rural home. I soon discovered that I used it in the car, the truck cab, on freshly laundered rugs (dogs and cats live here), upholstered old chairs. , a good couch and even the outside of horse blankets. The scent of real orange oil is clean and uplifting, not sticky.”

This puppy owner is addicted:

“Where has this been all my life?” she wrote. “It took away the smell of dog urine when my puppy got sick and decided she could go pee on the carpet… after a few treatments, [the spray] took the smell away completely. I like the smell of oranges so it was pleasant. Not only did it mask, it removed the stain at the core of my thick shaggy carpet that I thought I should throw away.”

Another enthusiast? Snoop Dogg, who uses it with his puppy Juelz! (Does he drink gin while squirting the juice?). If it’s good enough for Snoop, it’s definitely good enough for me. Plus, it’s 30 percent off!

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