Slots House Edge Explained

You have probably heard the phrase, ‘the house always wins,’ or’ the house has an edge’ before. But do you really know what it means? Let me explain it to you. I will also tell you how to enjoy your casino experience once you understand what house edge means.

What is the house edge?

Casinos are based on opportunities and fate. In a casino, there is nothing that is guaranteed or predictable.  In comparison to one exemption. There is a benefit to the house You’re unlikely to defeat a casino. You can make money, but you’re still not going to win enough to bankrupt a casino. Casinos need to have a higher chance of beating the gamer in order to stay afloat. This benefit is known as the house edge. Gamers have broken the edge of the house and have earned considerable sums of cash. They’ve beaten unquestionable odds. Every time you have won a slot; you have beaten the house edge. You should be careful and realise that duration in a casino is a core value. The more you play, the greater the chances of reaching the edge of houses are.


Look at the RTP and slots machines variety and quality before playing. Read that sentence again. Lots of gamers neglect researching slots and just pick slots that look and sound the most appealing. If you are a risk-taker, do that. If like me you are a bit more cautious and want a chance of beating the house edge, research slots RTPs. The RTP is the return to player ratio. It gives you an understanding as to how much you could win back. An RTP of above 90% is acceptable, anything lower is risky. Most online slots average around 95%, these are great odds. Be cautious though, some slots have a house edge of 17%. This is high and the chances of beating these slots are slim. Check the RTP and the house edge before committing to a slot.

Can you still enjoy your casino experience?

Yes of course you can. Discovering that casinos have a house edge shouldn’t be a huge shock. All casino games are based on luck, so this knowledge does not change your chances of winning drastically. In fact, knowing that the house has an edge can help you. You can now determine what games are safe to play. You can decide what games are worth the risk. Slots are risky games and the slots with the house edge of 17% are one of the highest house edges in the casino world. This does not mean that you should boycott slots. There are lots of slots with low house edges. The main thing you need to know about slots is that they are entertaining. Do not get so caught up with statistics and possibilities that you forget to enjoy your experience.