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Slack breaks user records as the demand for remote work increases

Microsoft Teams is not the only business chat and communication app to spike in demand. Slack today reveals that it has set new user records for concurrent users, thanks to an increasing demand for remote work amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday March 10, Slack saw the number of concurrent users exceed 10 million, which jumped to 10.5 million six days later on March 16 before reaching 12.5 million yesterday. Slack does not reveal a total number of daily active users during this period, only concurrently connected users.

Slack previously revealed that this is the case 12 million daily active users back in October, but the company hasn’t publicly updated this song since. Usage of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed in the past year, reaching 44 million daily active users during a surge in demand earlier this month. Instead, Slack has tried to direct the conversation to how many actions are taken in Slack compared to its competitors, and how many people like to use the app.

The new Slack design.

Slack is also revising his design for the biggest makeover in its history. The new design, with a focus on simplification and customization, will be rolled out to existing customers in the coming weeks. But in a refreshingly honest tone, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield admits there’s more to do. “If you’re just starting out with Slack, I’m sorry: there are still some difficult places,” Butterfield admits. “It’s not as easy to get used to as we would like. But we’re working hard to simplify people and guide them to effective use. It’s worth it. If it works, you’ll never go back to e- mail. “

Slack also revealed last month that IBM has chosen it over Microsoft Teams to enable the company’s chat communication for its 330,000 employees. IBM has long been Slack’s biggest customer, but IBM’s decision to roll out Slack to all of its employees comes just weeks after Microsoft started a major TV ad push to convince companies to choose Teams over Slack.

Microsoft is also focusing on Zoom, just as more and more companies are turning to the video conferencing solution. Even consumers flock to the app instead of Skype. Microsoft plans to hold an Office press event on Monday, where the company is expected to unveil a more consumer-focused version of Microsoft Teams.