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Skyrim mods use ChatGPT to give NPCs endless memory and chatter


The Skyrim mod by Art From The Machine featured the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools to give NPCs a memory of your adventure, endless things to say, and a way to ask them questions using your voice.

As mentioned in the report PC GamerThis mode uses ChatGPT in concert with xVASynth text-to-speech that allows NPCs to speak these new answers with an AI version of their voice and Whisper to convert speech to text so players can use their voice over a microphone to ask them questions.

The video appears released by Art From The Machine has a conversation with Ulfberth War-Bear of Warmaiden in Whiterun, and the player can ask him about the shop’s hours and even how much time is left until the shop closes based on the in-game clock.

For NPCs that remember your conversations, Art From The Machine uses a basic memory system in conjunction with ChatGPT to help make this possible.

While this technology is clearly impressive, one of the biggest ongoing questions will be how well AI-driven text matches human text.

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