Sky, the man-hating parrot who screeches ‘come on’ before biting their fingers, is returned to its owners

Sky the man-hating parrot who says ‘come on!’ screams! just before biting their fingers, she is returned to her owners after proving too much to burglars who stole her

  • 20-year-old parrot named Sky disappeared after breaking into owner’s home
  • Sarah White appealed, warning thieves she ‘hates men’ and would bite
  • Family who bought Sky appealed and returned her to delighted Sarah

Pictured: Sky, the man-hating parrot, has been returned to her owner after thieves sold her to a new family, who then saw an occupation

A man-hating parrot known for screeching “come on” before biting men she doesn’t like has been returned to her owner more than a month after being stolen in a burglary.

The 20-year-old bird, named Sky, has been returned to her home after a new family, to whom thieves had apparently sold her, recognized a profession.

Sky had disappeared after owner Sarah White returned to her home near Bicester, Oxon, in June to find it had been looted.

In addition to the missing parrot, thieves also stole jewelry belonging to Sarah’s grandmother.

Ms White took to social media to warn the thieves that Sky hates men and that she would have put up a good fight by biting their fingers.

She described how Sky, a pure African gray color, often yelled “come on” and sang “do, do, do” and said her own name.

Sarah made an appeal for her safe return, describing how Sky couldn’t fly very well and walked everywhere while offering a reward for the safe return of her beloved pet.

She added: ‘She hates men! Only likes me. We think she was bundled up in a laundry basket and taken. No food or drink. I’m absolutely devastated.

“I just want her back safe and sound. She makes very distinctive noises, she says ‘come on’ all the time. She says her name, sings ‘do do do’ and makes kissing sounds.

“I hope whoever got her lost all his fingers from the fact that she bit into it and didn’t sleep last night.”

Sarah White shared a call after Sky (pictured) went missing and warned she bites

Sarah White shared a call after Sky (pictured) went missing and warned she bites

The call proved successful when Sky was returned to a delighted Sarah over the weekend after the family who bought her saw it, despite being 40 miles away in Bedfordshire, and contacted them.

Ms White said: ‘They (the occupants of the property) had seen the appeal and contacted us. I knew from the pictures they sent it was Sky.

“We went to pick her up and I cried a little in the car because it was quite emotional. She was very happy to see me and talked to me.’

Ms White said Sky looked good when she picked her up and didn’t look like she had lost any weight. She suffocated the parrot with love and spoiled her with her favorite food.

“It’s too early to say if there will be any problems with her, but she seems all right. I just tried to get an appointment with the vet to get her checked out.

“When we got home, I gave her all her favorite food because I doubted she would eat it. I gave her nuts, vegetables and all the things she really likes. She was a very happy bird. She probably hasn’t had a bath, so she could.

“It was nice to hear her voice, like this morning when I went to work, she told me ‘come on’ and ‘get to work’.”