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SK Prime misses final in EMEA Masters


SK Prime lost their semifinal match in LoL tournament EMEA Masters against Istanbul Wildcats. A purely German final is no longer possible, but the team would have had chances to reach the final.

“Sad it ended this way,” wrote SK Prime top planner Janik “JNX” Bartels on Twitter. “Nevertheless, we’re in the top four and we’ve improved. We’ll be stronger in the summer.”

For the first time in over three years, two teams from the Prime League made it to the semi-finals of the EMEA Masters. A direct duel would have been possible in the final, but these hopes have now been dashed with the defeat of SK Gaming Prime.

With a comfortable win in the first game, the Academy team started the series better. After the Wildcats equalized, SK lost the third game despite a lead and were then completely outplayed by their Turkish opponents in the fourth game.

Unicorns of Love can still reach the final against defending champion Heretics Academy tomorrow. If successful, it would be the first time since the summer of 2019 that a German team has reached the final of the tournament.

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