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Sister of MAFS star Summer Irvin shares ‘homophobic’ letter from Coomera Waters, past Gold, neighbor

The sister of a Married at First Sight star has shared the ‘disgusting’ note left in her mailbox by a ‘cowardly, homophobic, cowardly neighbour’.

Summer Irvin, the sister of Ashley Irvin, shared a photo of the letter on Instagram on Thursday, saying it was a response to the pride flag she flew on the lawn of her Gold Coast home for the World Pride festival.

The letter claims to be from a neighbor who regularly stops by Mrs. Irvin’s Coomera Waters home in the north of town.

Since then, a defiant Mrs Irvin has hit back, now vowing to fly the controversial ‘all year’ flag.

Throughout the passive-aggressive note, the neighbor only referred to the flag as a ‘rainbow-covered cloth’.

Summer Irvin (pictured left with her sister Ashley Irvin right) said the flag prompted a “gutless, homophobic, cowardly neighbor” to leave her a “disgusting” letter.

“Our community in Coomera Waters is a healthy community, not a queer community, and it also does not promote queer behavior, especially among children,” the letter states.

“As a neighbor who takes pride in living in Coomera Waters and its wonderful community, I respectfully ask that you remove the cloth immediately.

‘Please note that my friends and I, with children, often walk the area of ​​Coomera Rive that borders your property and I/we do not have to be exposed to what we find offensive, disgusting, abhorrent, corrupting, divisive . , scandalous and disgusting.

Summer Irvin, the sister of MAFS's Ashley Irvin, hoisted a pride flag at her Coomera Waters home for the World Pride festival (Ms Irvin's flag and her daughter's pride outfit pictured)

Summer Irvin, the sister of MAFS’s Ashley Irvin, hoisted a pride flag at her Coomera Waters home for the World Pride festival (Ms Irvin’s flag and her daughter’s pride outfit pictured)

The author then asked Ms Irvin to consider flying the Australian flag to “show patriotism rather than one that promotes homosexual behaviour”.

“Furthermore, by displaying such fabric, it gives the impression that we at Coomera Waters are accepting of the behavior mentioned above,” they said.

“I assure you that we are NOT and we do not want anyone to give that false impression that, apparently, you are giving.”

The neighbor tells Ms. Irvin to avoid arguing that it is inclusive “unless you are prepared to say that it includes pedophiles and murderers.”

The letter (above) asked Ms Irvin to remove her 'rainbow-covered cloth' because it is 'promoting queer behaviour'

The letter (above) asked Ms Irvin to remove her ‘rainbow-covered cloth’ because it is ‘promoting queer behaviour’

Ms Irvin was appalled by the letter, saying she plans to throw a ‘drag queen party’ to prove the author wrong.

‘Honestly, I’m shocked and disgusted. We proudly fly the rainbow flag in our backyard and have received this abhorrent letter from one of our cowardly, homophobic, cowardly neighbours,” he said.

“Honestly, I can’t believe that people not only hold these views, but feel the need to express them in such a vile way.

I am so angry and I am so sorry that LGBTQ+ have to experience this kind of hate.

“This weekend I will be knocking on doors in Coomera Waters and will not stop until I expose this absolutely horrendous human in our community.”

Most of the commenters on Ms. Irvin’s post criticized the neighbor’s note.

“I love how they are so concerned about ‘queer behavior’ with their kids, but not hateful behavior,” one person wrote.

Another wrote: ’90 per cent of kids would look at it and think it’s a pretty rainbow flag without giving it a second thought!’

Summer Irvin (above) shared a photo of the letter online and said she plans to throw a 'drag queen party' in response.

Summer Irvin (above) shared a photo of the letter online and said she plans to throw a ‘drag queen party’ in response.

However, not everyone agreed with Irvin’s enraged response.

‘Well, the neighbors clearly find the flag just as offensive as you find the anonymous letter. However, there is nothing to be offended about,” one person commented.

They are entitled to their opinion as much as you are to yours. You should receive and respect their opinion just as you expect them to accept and respect yours.

‘To do otherwise would be hypocritical. Preaching tolerance while being intolerant of opposing beliefs does not promote acceptance.’

Her sister Ashley rose to fame on Married At First Sight in 2018 alongside her ‘husband’ Troy Delmege. They are no longer together, but they are still friends.

The former flight attendant will start a new job at Gold Coast Hospital next month after graduating recently from Queensland University of Technology.