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Sinovation Ventures Chairman Kai-Fu Lee Starts New AI Company


On March 19, Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, an equity capital company, formally released Task AI 2.0a brand-new business focused on being successful in the AI 2.0 age.

On his WeChat account, Lee specified that Project AI 2.0 has actually protected the required funds and calculating power, and has actually put together a group of leading skill to lead the business. The business is looking for specialists in big designs, multimodality, natural language processing, AI algorithm engineering and research study, and dispersed calculating to sign up with the group.

Lee likewise shared Sinovation Ventures’ channels for skill suggestion and cooperation, and included his 1983 application letter to Carnegie Mellon University as a method to show his steady devotion to the field of AI.

Task AI 2.0 is the seventh business cultivated by Sinovation Ventures’ AI Institute. The business has an international concentrate on establishing platforms and applications for the AI 2.0 period. A number of senior technical and management specialists have actually currently revealed their interests in signing up with the business. Sinovation Ventures is presently in conversations with leading financiers relating to the preliminary of fundraising for Project AI 2.0 and prepares to make a main statement in due course.

Sinovation Ventures holds high expectations for Project AI 2.0 and intends to not just establish a Chinese variation of ChatGPT, however likewise to check out the international market and end up being a first-rate business that can show Sinovation Ventures’ R&D and engineering abilities.

“The advancement of the AI 2.0 period is still in its infancy. At this time, we chose to utilize our technological and incubatory abilities to get in touch with leading technical skill who share a strong belief in the capacity of AI to collaborate on a worldwide scale,” Sinovation Ventures described the inspiration for breeding the brand-new business.

Sinovation Ventures has actually revealed its openness to working together with extraordinary start-ups in the AI 2.0 design, facilities, and applications area. The brand-new platform presented by Project AI 2.0 is anticipated to produce more ingenious financial investment chances in the future.

According to Jiemian Newsin the preliminary phases of Project AI 2.0, Lee prepares to concentrate on hiring a first-rate management group. After the CEO of Project AI 2.0 is selected, Lee will strike a balance in between supervising Project AI 2.0 and his obligations at Sinovation Ventures.

There is undoubtedly a precedent for this executive strategy. When Sinovation Ventures bought AInnovation, an AI company that later on went public in Hong Kong, Lee dedicated a considerable quantity of time and effort to the start-up. When business grew, CEO Xu Hui was employed.

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In his most current speech, Lee highlighted that the AI 2.0 period provides a remarkable chance for updating workplace efficiency tools. He highlighted that AI 2.0 is driving a transformation in innovation, platforms, and applications, comparable to how Windows promoted PCs and Android triggered the mobile web environment. He anticipated that the AI 2.0 age will develop chances 10 times bigger than those of the mobile web, reword existing software application and interface, and produce a new age of AI-first applications and service designs.

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