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Single Aussie asks for advice after a date’s act over lunch gave her the ‘ick’ immediately: ‘Are my expectations too high?’


A single woman who got upset when her date didn’t pay the bill has wondered if she’s being “unreasonable.”

Ashleigh, from Brisbane, went on four dates with a man and was “trying to figure out” whether he liked him or not.

However, things changed when the two of them had a casual $40 lunch and he didn’t offer to pick up the entire bill.

The brunette beauty took to TikTok for advice, asking other women if the ick is “valid” or not.

‘Am I asking too much for someone to pay for sushi if we’re on a date? And these are the early days! This is when you’re supposed to keep impressing me,” she said in a TikTok. video.

Ashleigh, from Brisbane, recently started dating again, but was upset when a man didn’t offer to pay the full bill on their fourth date. ‘Am I asking too much for someone to pay for sushi if we’re on a date?’ she asked

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“Ladies, I need your advice on whether this is a valid ick or if my expectations are too high,” Ashleigh said in a video. Other women were quick to comment, and most agreed with her.

At the start of the video, Ashleigh said, ‘Ladies, I need your advice on whether this is valid gross or if my expectations are too high.

“I recently started dating again…it’s not for the faint of heart, let me tell you that,” he said with a sigh.

“I’ve been on a few dates with a guy and today is probably the fourth time we’ve been out.”

At that time, she was still trying to figure out if she liked the guy or not.

The two of them went to get massages and paid for themselves, then went to eat sushi for lunch.

However, the tables turned and it was time to pay and Ashleigh claims that the man was eager to split the $40 bill.

That yes, in the other dates in which we have been both we have paid. On the first date we went to dinner and then to the arcade: he had dinner, I got the credits for the arcade,” he said.

‘Anyway, we tell the lady that we’re going to split the bill and wrestle her for a bit. So I tell him, “If it’s easier, we can pay together.”

Ashleigh subsequently paid for the meal, which put her off seeing the man again.

‘So I’ve got the ick now, and he walks me to my car and comes in to kiss me and I’m awkwardly like… making up an excuse. Am I asking too much? she asked.

Many were quick to comment on the situation, calling the man's behavior a

Many were quick to comment on the situation, calling the man’s behavior a “red flag.”

Many were quick to comment on the situation, calling the man’s behavior a “red flag.”

‘Run girl! A real man will provide no matter what. If he can’t even buy you a plate of food, it’s a waste of energy,” one woman commented.

‘Very valid ick. I may think differently if the meal was $100 or more,” wrote another.

No, it’s definitely not asking too much. This is the bare minimum and you deserve much more than that!’ said a third.

Another added: ‘RUN. I paid one night $70 and the next night dinner was $40 and he said do you want me to pay? I also ran. I hated that he even asked that!’

Other women shared their own dating horror stories.

‘My ex kept meticulous spreadsheets of the money I owed him. I was an unemployed student,’ said one.

‘A big regret of mine was being left in a situation with a loser who constantly ‘forgot’ his wallet. I feel so stupid right now,’ said another.

However, some spoke a different tune and shared a different opinion.

One said: ‘I think this is invalid. It is petty and quite insignificant. Besides, you don’t like him. Now you know for sure when petty things like this bother you.

So you expect a man to pay and be traditional, but are you a traditional woman? Probably not,” said another.

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* Spend a lot of time on your phone

* Never make plans to meet

* Never ask questions about yourself or your life.

* Avoid introducing yourself to friends

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* Not maintaining eye contact

* A nagging doubt or feeling that something is not quite right

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