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Sims rival Life by You doesn’t shy away from nudity: “We are a European company” – WhatsNew2Day


Life by You is not afraid to show the naked truth.

How was that again? History repeats itself if you live long enough? We can certainly remember lively discussions when, in the mid-2000s, several games made a bold attempt to wrest the crown from The Sims by using sex and nudity. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life was still tame in 2003, but in 2005 Playboy: The Mansion didn’t mince words. Or anything else.

Almost 20 years later, another major Sims competitor is back in the ring, dropping the covers: Life by You, Paradox’s own life simulation, developed by Rod Humble, one of the most experienced Sims developers. Life by You does not write nudity as boldly on the packaging as Playboy: The Mansion once did, but sees it very soberly for what it is: a natural part of life.

Rod Humble also mentions it in the interview with Axios:

We are a European company. Our sensitive zones are more in the depiction of violence. Life by You has no violence. But it has nudity.

Rod Humble, Creative Director, Paradox Tectonic

However, the game leaves it up to you whether you want to see dangling peacocks or not – nudity can be toggled on and off in the options. In general, Life by You respect the intelligence of your audienceemphasizes Humble.

You get tons of customization options, you can switch between different game characters at any time, you adjust the gaming experience modularly. So you should also decide for yourself what the tonality of your story looks like: Do you want a colorful love story or rather a serious life drama?

Our Sims expert Natalie recently pestered Rod Humble with questions about Open World and Co. and found out more interesting details. For example, the game relies on real dialogue instead of fantasy language. As in Skyrim, you can decide for yourself what your people have to say.

What do you think of Life by You? Are you looking forward to it and hoping for a similar top dog as Cities: Skylines is for city building simulations? Do you prefer to stay loyal to The Sims 4 or its sequel? Or are you even looking forward to Paralives? Tell us in the comments.

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