Simpsons classic arcade cabinet is re-released thanks to Arcade1Up


The Simpsons arcade game, a classic four-player brawl that I personally spent an untold number of quarters on, is getting a re-release in celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary thanks to Arcade1Up.

First released by Konami in 1991, you and up to three of your friends fight waves of approaching bad guys like Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa Simpson in a quest to save Maggie. I always liked it play as Bart because you travel around on your skateboard and used it as a weapon, which i thought was the coolest thing ever when i was a kid.

Not sure if I would personally put this next to a couch.
Image: Arcade1Up

If you decide to buy the machine, you should know that it actually comes with two spell: The Simpsons and a bonus game to be announced when pre-orders begin on July 15.

Arcade1Up has not announced prices for the cabinet, but the four players of the company company NBA Jam machine costs $499.99 from GameStop, so it is possible The Simpsons could be similarly priced. While that may seem expensive, vintage arcade cabinets can cost thousands of dollars, so Arcade1Up’s reissue could be a comparably affordable way to The Simpsons machine for yourself.