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Simple human shampoo dispenser holder confuses new owner


Housewife puzzled by mysterious gadgets in her new home and fears she will never be able to take them off

  • A mother puzzled by mysterious objects
  • They’re just in the bathroom.

A busy mom has been baffled by three gray bathroom accessories that were attached to the shower wall in her new home bathroom.

The woman took photos of Simple Human’s ‘confusing’ tools and confessed she had no idea what they were or how to get rid of them.

“They’re actually glued or siliconed to the wall, someone went out of their way to make sure they never come off,” he complained.

The thin, gray bathroom fixtures featured two or three sets of four holes and were secured at chest and belly height, adding to the woman’s confusion.

But it seemed the answer to his brain-numbing riddle was right before his eyes: ‘Simple Human’ makes soap dispensers, and the gray gadgets are the stands.

These three slim devices have left one owner very confused

People were quick to help her with her puzzle, identifying the items and even sending her links to the online store.

“It’s a Simple Human triple wall soap dispenser and two doubles,” said one woman.

And others confirmed that it was true.

“I have these, they’re great, I wouldn’t take them off, I’d buy the bottles and use them,” said one woman.

The mother originally asked for help removing the “mysterious” wall brackets from the wall and people were happy to help too.

Brackets are for soap dispensers like the ones in the pictures, which retail for over $200

Brackets are for soap dispensers like the ones in the pictures, which retail for over $200

“Definitely use fishing line, works wonders,” one person said.

Before others confirmed it would cut silicone but should be used with protective gloves as it can be harsh on hands as well.

Some people suggested that I start by softening the edges.

Could you try heating the edges with a hair dryer? asked one.

“Eucalyptus oil can remove the glue, I dip it in a cotton swab,” said another.

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