Simple & Effective Home Remedies To Keep The Acidity At Bay

Acidity is also known as acid reflux, it is characterised by heartburn that is normally experienced in the lower chest area. This condition happens when the acid in the stomach flows back to the food pipe. Its common symptom is the burning sensation or pain in the chest. The main cause of the acidity is a bad lifestyle, irregular eating habits. Also, consuming bad quality mass gainers,  and protein powders can cause digestive issues. In this article, we will be sharing some of the home remedies that can provide quick relief in acidity issues. 

Cold Milk 

It is one of the easy and simple home remedies for acidity. Just have a glass of cold milk as it easily absorbs the acid formation in the stomach, which in turn stops the burning sensation. Make sure not to include any sugar or additives in the milk. 

Ginger & Cardamom 

Ginger & Cardamom both have antiinflammatory properties, which can be considered the easiest and effective home remedies for acidity. Use ginger in your meals or just chew them. You can also boil them in a glass of water, let the water reduce to half and then drink it. 


Consuming buttermilk is a helpful remedy for reducing heartburn and acid reflux. Lactic acid in it helps in normalising the acidity in the stomach. Consume a glass of buttermilk post heavy meal to prevent acidity. 

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another ideal option for the people dealing with gastric issues. It is a good source of electrolyte. These electrolytes help in balancing the body’s PH, which in turn controls  the acid reflux. Don’t consume more than 1-2 glasses of coconut water in a day. 


Bananas are not only helpful in constipation but they can’t help in acidity as well because of their high fibre content and potassium. Eating bananas can provide various benefits to the digestive system. 


Ajwain is known to be the anti-acidic agent that effectively reduce acidity and improves digestion. One of the best ways to consume it is to roast 1 tbsp of it and have it with lukewarm water. And make sure not to chew the seeds. 


Jaggery is also known for its good digestion effects. Consuming it post meal can provide instant relief from acidity, heartburn, and soothe the chest and throat area. 

Watermelon Juice

Watermelons are the best hydrating foods during summer. It also acts as the natural remedy  for acidity and heartburn. Have the watermelon juice with your breakfast to reduce acidity. 

Besides this there are certain things that can help in preventing acidity are:

  • Say no to carbonated beverages
  • Don’t eat too much chocolate 
  • Drink less tea and coffee
  • Follow proper exercise routine


Acid reflux or acidity is a common problem. Most people experience it after a spicy or heavy meal. Changing certain lifestyles and food habits can help you deal and prevent acidity easily. If the acidity symptoms are severe and persistent, consult a doctor. By ignoring your acidity issue in the long run can make things worse later on. So, take care of what you eat and drink.