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“Simone Biles marries NFL star Owens”


US gymnastics star Simone Biles got married. The four-time Olympic gold medalist posted photos of her wedding to football player Jonathan Owens on Instagram.

The couple can be seen in the registry office, among other things. “Officially Owens,” Biles wrote. She changed her name to Simone Biles Owens.

Biles (26) and Owens (27) announced their engagement in February last year and met online in March 2020.

Biles has won seven Olympic medals to date, including four gold medals in Rio de Janeiro 2016. With 25 medals (19 times gold), she is the most successful World Cup participant. Last year she was awarded the Medal of Freedom by US President Joe Biden. Owens plays for the Houston Texans in the NFL.

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