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5 Signs You Should See a Therapist

Are you going through a tough time? Struggling with your mental health? Thinking that taking psychotherapy can do magic in your mental health? Knowing when to see a therapist is really a challenging task. Whether it’s because of professional life, rejection, financial crisis, relationships, and some other reason, sometimes we’re able to bounce back normally. But in certain cases, we might need extra help to cope with the depression & anxiety. If you’re unaware of the reasons you may benefit from consulting a therapist, scroll down,

Overwhelmed & Over-Excited 

Are you dealing with depression and anxiety that is difficult to manage? This intense emotion can affect your ability to think and can make you incapable of performing daily activities. So, it’s the right time to book your consultation at the anxiety and depression therapy center in Abu Dhabi.

Sleeping Too Much 

If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, then you may also experience a sleep problem. Sleep deprivation may lead to negative thinking and may make you more emotionally vulnerable. And this emotional distress can lead you to oversleep and will make you feel exhausted. To get started with your depression and anxiety treatment, call psychiatrists at Maudsley Health Abu Dhabi.

Avoiding Being Social 

Are you withdrawing from your friends and isolating yourself from being social? When you’re dealing with depression, maintaining a healthy relationship and friendship seems to be difficult, as your mental health won’t support it. In this situation, therapy can help you to deal with depression and anxiety.

Feeling Hopeless 

Are you feeling hopeless all the time & can’t able to overcome any failures? Then you may be dealing with depression. Getting depression and anxiety therapy can target negative thoughts, and make you understand how to overcome failures. Talk with our specialists at the depression therapy center in Abu Dhabi.

Can’t Control your Emotions 

If you can’t able to control your emotions, then it’s a major symptom of mood and anxiety disorders. If your mental health is not in stable condition, then you need to book your consultation session with specialists at Maudsley Health. Make sure to read their Maudsley Health experiences & reviews!

Other Common Signs of Depression and Anxiety 

  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling over-excited about everything
  • Overthinking
  • Feeling low and getting angry easily
  • Sleeping more or less than usual
  • Eating more or less
  • Avoiding talking with other people
  • Struggling to face new challenges at the office
  • Addicted Drugs or alcohol 
  • Having thoughts of suicide

Self-Tips to Overcome Depression and Anxiety 

If you’re going through a depression and anxiety phase in your life, then it’s time to get help from a therapist. But you can also do something from your end to overcome depression and they are as follows:

Exercise: Spend 15 to 30 minutes daily to do walking, dancing, and stretching or practicing yoga. If you’re in depression mode, you will not feel much active, so you need to get yourself to do it.  

Eat Healthy Foods: With depression, you need to eat the right foods. So make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Also, you need to limit carbs and foods with no sugar content. Don’t skip foods, even if you don’t feel hungry, eat lightly and healthy.

Talk with Friends: Be open with your friends and share your feelings with your caring friend or a therapist. It will reduce your depression and can keep you focused on the right things and will make you become more positive.

Express Your Inner Yourself: With depression, your sense of humor may be hidden. Do regular practice to bring your creative side and find something that can make you laugh. You can watch any funny movie and do things you can really enjoy. All of these can bring your depression turn upside down.


The above mentioned are a few of the signs of depression and anxiety disorder. If you’re facing any of these serious signs, then it’s the right time to book your appointment with the depression specialist at Maudsley Health Abu Dhabi.

The experienced psychiatrist will analyze your mental condition and will provide the therapy session which will help you easily to come out from the depression and anxiety disorder.

Getting the mental therapy at the earliest may prevent mental illness and other depression disorders – and also it may help you to restart your life with no stress & no tension!

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