‘Significant’ tornados are forecast from northeastern Louisiana to southern Tennessee

This week, powerful tornadoes and destructive winds threaten several areas of the southern United States. Meanwhile, a major snowstorm is forecast to dump several feet of snow on the Pacific Northwest.

Forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS). Warned It was expected that violent storms would strike Tuesday afternoon and evening, producing powerful ‘long track’ tornadoes. These tornadoes are twisters that remain on the ground much longer than normal tornadoes.

The string of tornadoes extending from Illinois to Louisiana with gusts of 111 miles and above are likely to hit overnight when most people are asleep and unprepared, according to Storm Prediction Center specialist Bill Bunting.

While the south braces for the storms and 18 states in Northwest are on alert, as snow could fall up to two feet on Tuesday. 

Some parts of the US are being threatened by powerful tornadoes this week. However, severe winds and dangerous winds are expected to sweep the Northwest under several feet of snow.

Forecasters Warned That Tornadoes Can Occur Overnight When People Are Asleep, And The Areas Most At Risk Are Between Illinois And Louisiana

Forecasters warned tornadoes can strike overnight, even if people are asleep. Most at-risk areas are in Illinois and Louisiana.

Spokane Office of the National Weather Service Tweet Spokane has been placed under a winter storm watch, due to heavy snowfall.

The cross-country storm is expected to bring heavy snow from Nebraska to Michigan later Monday night into Tuesday morning.  

Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado and Casper Wyoming will receive between 6 and 12 inches of new snow over the next two-days.   

Andrew Orrison, a NWS meteorologist, stated that the cold front is moving down from the Rocky Mountains, pushing across the central plains and with warmer, moistened air pushing northward from the Gulf of Mexico it’s triggering severe thunderstorms in the south. 

The NWS On Monday, warnings were made that severe storms could hit areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas, as well as Tennessee. Heavy wind damage is expected. This will affect more than 30,000,000 people. 

AccuWeather chief on-air meteorologist Bernie Rayno stated, “We are quite confident that there will multiple tornadoes at the ground from late Tuesday through early Tuesday night.” “People should be aware of this danger. 

The National Weather Service Spokane Office Tweeted That A Winter Storm Watch Has Been Issued For Spokane, Washington Late Tuesday Night Into Wednesday Morning

Spokane, Washington’s National Weather Service Spokane Office tweeted that a winter storm warning was issued for Spokane late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning

AccuWeather meteorologists warned that there is a possibility of tornadoes and that damaging winds of up to 60 mph are possible. Large hail also could be possible.

AccuWeather reported that heavy, gusty and potentially violent thunderstorms will erupt Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night as the jet stream’s energy moves in miles above ground. 

Storms are first expected to hit northeastern Texas, northwestern Louisiana and central and eastern Arkansas from mid-to-late afternoon on Tuesday. And then shift to Mississippi, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois and the western parts of Kentucky and Tennessee on Tuesday evening.

Meteorologists warned that the damaging winds are capable of downing trees and power lines, and even structures.  

The tornado threat will continue into Tuesday night, making it more difficult to spot the storm before it hits. 

Bunting stated that Tornadoes during the night can be more dangerous than those during the day, as fewer people are usually aware of an incoming storm during their normal sleep hours.

Bunting stated, “Another problem with nighttime tornadoes in the fall or winter is that they often move very fast, sometimes 50-60 mph.”  

The String Of Tornadoes Extending From Illinois To Louisiana With Gusts Of 111 Miles And Above Are Likely To Hit Overnight When Most People Are Asleep And Unprepared

A string of tornadoes that extend from Illinois to Louisiana, with gusts up to 111 miles or more, are likely to strike overnight while most people are asleep.

On Wednesday, severe thunderstorms are possible to an extent further to the east.

AccuWeather Storm Warning meteorologist Joe Bauer stated that while the atmosphere conditions may trend less favorable for severe thunderstorms starting Wednesday, this will not necessarily prevent isolated damaging storms. 

“The area with the highest risk of severe thunderstorms is the Interstate-10 corridor along the central Gulf coast. But some strong storms can extend as far north, as far as eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

Expect delays and ground stops by airlines as the storms sweep across this country from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night.

Travelers on Thanksgiving are already being slowed down by storms as they attempt to make it home after the holiday. 

AAA estimates that 55 million people will travel more than 50 miles away from home this holiday, which is about 98 percent of prepandemic levels. 

Flight Aware tracks delays and cancellations and reported 4,850 flight delays on Monday and 104 cancellations within the US.

Wind advisories for the southeast are in effect for around nine million people Monday. This includes Louisiana, where a tornado has been confirmed Saturday. 

At Least 3,200 Entergy Louisiana Customers Lost Power And Some Buildings Were Damaged When A Tornado Struck Paradis On Saturday Afternoon

About 3,200 Entergy Louisiana customers were without power on Saturday afternoon. Some buildings were also damaged by the tornado that hit Paradis.

The Storm Warning Comes After A Tornado Hit Paradis, Louisiana - Which Is Outside New Orleans - On Saturday And Left Thousands Without Power. Pictured: A Classroom Torn Apart By Tornado

This storm warning is issued after a tornado ravaged Paradis (Lafayette), Louisiana on Saturday. It left thousands without power. Pictured: A tornado destroyed a classroom 

A Mobile Trailer Was Overturned After The Tornado Hit The City On Saturday

After Saturday’s tornado, a mobile trailer was flipped. 

Video captured the severe storms that hit the region, with additional footage showing the extent of the damage to the New Orleans metropolitan area and the downed power lines. 

Multiple marine warnings were issued to the area throughout the evening because of the wind and rain.

Forecasters warned those living in the path of the tornado to be alert for flying debris that could damage vehicles, roofs, windows, or mobile homes.

Heavy rains are expected to hit the southern half and move towards the mid-Atlantic, causing travel disruptions in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, and Nashville. 

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