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Significant changes in Fortnite development plans by Epic Games | -WhatsNew2Day


The famous battle royale game, Fortnite, was released in mid-2017, and since then, the game has been receiving attention from its publisher and developer. Epic Games Through updates, new seasons and events.

However, it seems that there are important major projects for the company that have begun to take the publisher’s priorities, as fundamental changes are scheduled to be made in the development priorities of the Fortnite game, after monitoring a letter sent by Epic Games to all company employees confirming this.

We shared this new information with leaked ShiinaBR, known for its accuracy, as the developer of the popular battle royale game Fortnite is scheduled to restructure its development teams, shifting some employees in order to strengthen and support other teams within the company, which is expected to achieve success in the future, and from Among these projects are..

  • Collaboration with LEGO.
  • Chapter 5 of Fortnite.
  • Free Unreal Editor Tools for Fortnite.
  • Music festival in collaboration with Harmonix.
  • Racing game Rocket League.

Unfortunately, it is likely that we will not witness live events at the end of this season and the advent of the third season is approaching, and there is also no clear information about the publisher canceling or reducing any other projects. However, the list of projects that will be supported and mentioned above may give us a clearer idea about the future of the Fortnite game at Epic Games.

We remind our followers that in the fourth chapter of the game Fortnite, the visual accuracy and graphic details have clearly improved significantly thanks to the latest features of the Unreal Engine 5 development engine that uses technologies such as Nanite and Lumen. With this in mind, we present to you the Terrain Day Challenge, inviting you to share your best screenshots that show the beautiful scenery you have seen on the Battle Royale Island. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.1

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