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“Sienna Miller’s Memorable Experience of Discovering She would be Acting Alongside Meryl Streep in ‘Extrapolations’: A Dream Come True”


Sienna Miller remembers the moment she heard she would be working on the film with Meryl Streep Apple TV+ series .

During her appearance on The tonight show Friday night, the Anatomy of a scandal actress told Jimmy Fallon that she initially got an email from creator Scott Z. Burns about signing up with the ecodrama. “It said, ‘I’d like you to do this,'” she recalled. “We had collaborated on The loudest voice. He directed an episode of it. So we were friends.”

But it was the last line in the message that really sold her on the show. She said: “There was a PS: ‘Meryl Streep is playing your mother.’ At that point I thought, ‘I don’t have to read it. I’m in.'”

She added, “That’s a bucket list, isn’t it, for each of us? Like to even be in the room.

The series follows the effects of climate change on the planet and the impact it would have on humanity, but told from different points of view and interrelated stories. During episode two, “Whale Fall”, set in 2046, marine biologist Rebecca Shearer (Miller) develops a relationship with Eve, the last humpback whale on Earth. And she can communicate with Eve by assigning her the voice of her late mother, which is played by Streep.

Miller previously told The Hollywood Reporter that “it was extraordinary to watch” the Oscar-winning star at work on set.

“She can laugh one minute and then all of a sudden she’s giving the greatest emotional performance you’ve ever seen take place and it’s so grounded in truth,” she said of Streep. “Because she’s so open and available, it just inspires something back.”

But the Chivalry actress explained to Fallon that she still got nervous starring opposite Streep. “Never mind having to look her in the eye and act, because all you want is to look at what she’s doing,” Miller said. “She’s so brilliant.”

The last episode of Extrapolations premiered Friday on Apple TV+.

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