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Shoppers rage over being made to tip at SELF-CHECKOUT machines


‘It’s emotional blackmail!’: Shoppers are furious about being asked to tip at SELF-CHECKOUT machines – but where’s the money?

Shoppers have complained that they’re increasingly being asked to tip at self-checkout machines — despite not interacting with a staff member.

Checkouts at airports, stadiums, shops and cafes reportedly ask customers if they want to add tips of up to 20 percent.

The revelation comes amid a widespread backlash against “tip inflation,” which has seen tipping culture flow out of bars and restaurants into coffee shops and takeaway stores.

But the decision to implement the signals at self-service vending machines has forced shoppers to question who the money is even for — as pundits speculate it’s a cynical way for shoppers to generate more profit.

Ishita Jamar, a senior at American University in Washington DC, told the Wall Street Journal, “They’re cutting labor costs by doing self-scanning. So what’s the point of asking for a tip? And where is it going?’

She captioned the video: 'This is getting out of hand'

A TikTok user named Mia complained that she was asked for a tip at an airport. She captioned the video: ‘This is getting out of hand’

Meanwhile, Garrett Bemiller told the publication he was asked to tip for a bottle of water while using a self-checkout machine at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty Airport — which he declined.

“Just the prompt in general is a bit of emotional blackmail,” Garrett told the Wall Street Journal.

And the trend has not escaped the attention of TikTok users who have used the video-sharing app to express their frustration.

A user named Mia started a video by asking, “Where’s the most ridiculous place you should tip?”

‘I’ll go first. Self check-out at the airport. I don’t see anyone around!’

She captioned the clip: ‘This is getting out of hand.’

Holona Ochs, an associate professor at Lehigh University, told the Wall Street Journal that self-service machines asking for tips were an exploitative “way to generate more money for the company.”

The spat comes amid a nationwide backlash over

Checkouts at airports, stadiums, shops and cafes are reportedly asking customers to add up to 20 percent tips

Historically, tips were only expected in restaurants and bars – or other venues where people were served by servers.

But recently, stores and coffee shops have started implementing iPad vending machines that ask customers if they want to add a tip before completing the transaction.

While they can say no, shoppers have often complained that they are “guilt-driven” into agreeing to the surcharge.

Square, a technology company that powers many iPad checkouts, said tip transactions increased 17 percent in full-service restaurants over the past year.

Takeaway restaurants with quick service have increased by 16 percent since the last quarter of 2022.

By law, employers are required to give tips directly to their employees, but companies have faced lawsuits over the years for failing to do so.

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