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Shopper blasts Woolworths over embarrassing mix-and-match sign on Gold Coast store’s meat fridge

Woolworths criticized after shopper spots ‘sneaky’ detail in meat section sale signage: ‘It’s absolutely disgraceful’

  • Sign above Woolies meat fridge advertises special
  • Only a handful of items were included in the deal.

A concerned shopper has been unleashed at Woolworths after noticing a ‘sneaky’ detail in the supermarket’s meat display.

The customer said he thought all the items in the meat cooler under a sign that read “Mix and Match Two for $15” were included in the deal.

However, only seven items could be mixed and matched with their own special tag.

The Queensland buyer was outraged by the ‘misleading’ display, calling it ‘absolutely disgraceful’.

A Woolworths spokesperson responded to the buyer’s complaint by saying that while the products in the deal are clearly marked, they will investigate the signage issue.

A shopper has criticized Woolworths for a display in one of its meat coolers. A sign indicates that customers can buy two items for $15, but only a handful of products are included in the deal.

‘I love Woolworths and their misleading signage. Going from thinking about mixing and matching anything here when it’s really just a small handful of items mixed together,” the customer said in a cheep.

‘Absolutely embarrassing…’

They shared an image of a fridge full of meat in a Gold Coast store with a mix and match sign above that said customers can buy ‘either’ items for $15.

However, a closer look reveals that only seven of the 18 items in the fridge are included in the special, as they are labeled mix and match.

A man sympathized with the buyer’s frustration.

“The principles of psychological warfare are everywhere now that the global pie is shrinking and everyone is trying to hold their share. It’s going to get much worse and it’s not going to get better. We are past the tipping point.

Woolworths responded to the buyer’s complaint by asking which store they visited so they could investigate the problem.

said a spokesman 7NEWS.com.au: ‘Each of the products that are part of the mix and match are clearly marked, however, we take note of the customer’s concern and will follow up.’