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Shoe Trends That Will Dominate 2020

The fashion industry is always changing. Whether it’s celebrating the emergence of high-waisted jeans or saying goodbye to crop tops, there’s always something new and exciting going on in the fashion world. Because shoes are a major part of fashion, it would only make sense to stay up to date on shoe trends as well. However, with so many types of shoes to choose from and so many rules regarding what to wear and what not to wear, it can be stressful for a fashion enthusiast to keep up on all the evolving shoe fads. 


That’s why we’re here to give you the scoop on the biggest shoe trends that are projected to dominate this year. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant shoe or a more daring look, you’re sure to find something here that caters to your unique tastes. There’s something in the fashion world for those who are searching for the best casual shoes for men and women who are always looking for an excuse to be fashion-forward. If you’re ready to make a big statement this year by debuting a fresh look, check out these top shoe trends that will dominate 2020.


Ankle Chains


If you’re looking for a little bling in your step, ankle chains are for you. This shoe trend involves incorporating chains into high heels and sandals to create an edgy but elegant look. Ankle-chained shoes are also a great option for shoe lovers who like the idea of wearing ankle bracelets. These shoes expertly mimic the look of ankle bracelets, but it saves you the extra step of putting one on. 


If ankle chains seem to be the trend for you, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Not only can you choose between different types of chains (gold, silver, etc.), but you also have the freedom of choosing between various shoe patterns and colors that will blend in nicely with your ankle chain.


Colorful Sneakers


To be fair, sneakers have always been “in.” The increasing popularity of athleisure and activewear has paved the way for plenty of fun and creative sneaker styles. The best part about the sneaker trend is that it’s for everyone. Whether you religiously hit the gym every weekday or simply prefer a more casual look, sneakers can help you meet your needs. 


In 2020, the sneaker trend is taking on a whole new dimension. You’ll find plenty of brightly colored, whimsical shoes this spring that help put the fun in fitness. Some designers are even putting out sneakers with clashing colors that would normally seem strange or a sign of poor fashion taste. Not this year, though. Grab a pair of the best Nike shoes in a neon green or hot pink hue to turn plenty of heads this year.


Thigh-High Boots


A good pair of boots can prepare you for a number of different occasions. Whether you’re getting ready for a big party or heading to a meeting, you’ll be good to go with a classic pair of boots. What makes this type of footwear so versatile is the fact that you can choose between different heights, materials, designs, and colors to suit your specific tastes. In this case, boots that reach all the way up to your thighs are the next best thing in 2020. Thigh-high boots make a statement all on their own, but you can make even more of a dramatic entrance by choosing boots in unique colors and patterns. Either way, be sure you don’t fall behind on this major shoe trend this year.


Minimalist Sandals


So far, the shoe trends that we’ve discussed have been primarily focused on standing out from the crowd. Minimalist sandals take a different approach by introducing a basic and elegant look that any woman can enjoy. These simple sandals are characterized by clean and streamlined straps that create a “barely-there” look. To add to the minimalist style, many of these sandals are available in nude colors that complement many people’s skin tones. You can opt for minimalist sandals in a classic or modern style, depending on what your personal fashion tastes are.


Lug Soles


Lug soles refer to soles that are made of rubber and contain grooves or indentations to provide extra grip. While the traction and slip resistance of lug sole boots make them a practical option for hiking and other outdoor endeavors, this footwear will prove its worthiness in virtually any fashion scenario in 2020. You can comfortably take your lug soles from the rock concert to the mall and then all the way to the hiking trails if you wish. From combat boots to mid-shaft boots, there is no shortage of lug soles to choose from this year. And, unlike many other popular shoe trends, lug sole boots are both practical and fashionable.


Heeled Loafers 


Flat loafers have long had their moment in the spotlight, functioning as a practical and comfortable option for busy professional women. In 2020, though, shoe manufacturers are starting to pay attention to women’s changing needs. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of regular loafers combined with the classic elegance of high heels by debuting a pair of heeled loafers. This added elevation instantly creates an air of sophistication wherever you go. Many heeled loafers also feature square toes and blocky heels to add an element of modern style to a plain look. If you’ve secretly been searching for an excuse to show off your unique sense of style while looking professional at the office, heeled loafers give you exactly what you need.


Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2020


By now, you hopefully have more than enough options to help you pull off the specific look that you want this year. Whether you’re in search of practical but stylish high heels to wear to work or a casual, comfortable pair of sneakers to spend the weekend in, this list has you covered. Don’t be afraid to explore different options so that you can find the pair of shoes that you feel most confident in. 

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