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Shocking moment ground announcer at Queensland footy game uses a racist slur – and the crowd LAUGHS

Shocking moment when Queensland football game ground announcer uses racist slur…but you won’t believe the public’s reaction

  • The incident took place in the Toowoomba Rugby League A-class competition
  • The Pittsworth Danes were playing the Gatton Hawks when it happened
  • The TRL is now investigating the incident and says there is no room for racism
  • Players and clubs threaten to resign this weekend in protest







The Toowoomba Rugby League is investigating an incident of shocking racial slurs in which a ground announcer abused an unknown player or spectator through the ground’s PA system.

During last weekend’s home game of Pittsworth Danes against the Gatton Hawks, a man’s voice was heard saying ‘Shut up, you black bastard’ over the loudspeaker for all players and spectators to hear.

To make the ugly incident worse, the pockets of the crowd then laughed at the outrageous comment.

It is not known who made the announcement, or whether it was aimed at a player or a mocking spectator.

Toowoomba Rugby League chairman Joe Hannant has released a statement following the shocking development.

“We are an inclusive sport and we are proud of our diversity,” he said.

“The TRL Disciplinary Court will investigate the allegations urgently.

“We will talk to all parties involved to get to the bottom of the allegations and ensure a fair and respectful trial for all.

“The well-being of the players is our absolute priority. We will do everything we can to make sure our players feel safe and supported.

“Any form of racism or slander is not tolerated in our game.”

Pittsworth Danes chairman Gary Nolan said the club will launch an investigation as he condemned the taint.

“The Pittsworth Danes do not approve of the comments made during the filming of last week’s match and will work with the Toowoomba Rugby League in their investigation of the incident,” he said.

“There is no place for racism in our game or in society.

“As a club, we will not stand for it and we will take appropriate action once the investigation is completed.

“On behalf of the Pittsworth Danes, we would like to apologize to both the Gatton Hawks Club and the players involved.”

The Hawks have not released a statement but did post a statement in the Queensland Rugby League that read: ‘You are getting into a positive environment! Be respectful, be inclusive, be positive’.

The Gatton Hawks celebrate a try in the Toowoomba Rugby League A-Class men's competition

The Gatton Hawks celebrate a try in the Toowoomba Rugby League A-Class men’s competition

Brothers TRL club president Lizzie Adams also spoke of the “absolutely appalling behaviour.”

“I speak out because I want to defend the Aboriginal children, men and women in rugby league, not just here (Toowoomba) but everywhere.

“Imagine being a young player and hearing this during a match, the kind of damage these words can do… it’s scary to think about.

“I just hope the TRL and QRL punish this person severely, we will accept nothing less than a lifetime ban for the person, there is absolutely no place for this disgusting behavior.”

Brothers player Nathan Gaulton has called on clubs and players to cancel this weekend’s TRL games in protest.

“I’m disappointed and outraged, we’ve come this far, but then we hear something like us and it sets everything back.

“There is no place for racism.”

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