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Shevchenko contributes to the reconstruction of a stadium in Ukraine after it was destroyed in the war


Ukrainian star Andriy Shevchenko responded to the call to rebuild a stadium in the Ukrainian city of Irpin, which is the stadium where he played in his childhood, after it was destroyed during the Russian military operation.

And the British news agency (BA Media) reported that the stadium in Irvine, which is a small stadium with about 1,000 seats, was previously the seat of several gatherings, and according to city officials, about 500 people use the facilities in this place every day for sports lessons and other events. .

The Russian attacks destroyed parts of the stadium and some of the surrounding areas.

Shevchenko said: I visited Irbin after the invasion, I think 85 percent of it is destroyed, I wanted to go and see it with my own eyes, and talk to the people of the city.

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