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‘She’d kill me’: Married people confess the darkest secrets they kept from their spouses for YEARS


Secretive husbands have revealed the deepest, darkest secrets they’ve been hiding from their partners – and some of them will leave you scratching your head.

While it would be too candid to tell their significant other, anonymous liars have delved into their pasts instead BuzzFeed And Redditand all bared for the amusement of the internet.

From a hidden love child in the family to inappropriate crushes and secret careers, it’s easy to see why some have decided to keep this to themselves.

“I’ve slept with all three of my wife’s sisters several times, and she still doesn’t know about it,” admitted an anonymous imposter. “I also have a secret child with her oldest sister. She’d kill me if she heard even a rumor about it.’

Secretive husbands have revealed the lies they still keep years after they tied the knot

While most of the shared secrets are expected to be devastating, not all of them were necessarily marriage ruining, with one spouse sharing an almost sweet bed-wetting lie.

“My wife had a bed-wetting problem when she was a teenager, and she thinks she grew out of it,” he said. “Now, if she wets the bed and I wake up first, I’ll wet the bed too and tell her it was me.”

Several happily married people even admitted to secret divorces, as one secretive husband said, “I have been married and divorced before, but my current husband thinks this is my first marriage.

“My first marriage took place when I was young, and it only lasted about two years. I even lied about my new marriage certificate. I’ll take these to the grave.’

“I’ve been married twice,” another fibber confessed.

‘My first husband and I got pregnant when we were 17, and my father forced us to get married. Three years later we parted amicably, but we didn’t divorce right away due to lack of money.

“We didn’t file the paperwork until six years later, a year after my second husband and I started dating. I never told him I was married to anyone else for the entire first year of our relationship.’

Many who anonymously shared their secrets admitted that they would never want to be caught

Many who anonymously shared their secrets admitted that they would never want to be caught

While many consider cheating on your fiancée right before your wedding a definite no-go, some still-married people are open about their past indiscretions.

A secret imposter said, “I slept with the rabbi who married my husband and me.”

She said the entanglement came about because her husband is Jewish and she is Catholic, so his family’s rabbi refused to perform the ceremony.

“I called my former boyfriend, who happened to be an Orthodox rabbi, to perform the ceremony,” she continued. “My husband’s family never understood how I managed to find a rabbi to perform our ceremony.”

“When I got engaged, I was at a friend’s wedding and played fun with another man,” admitted another apparently happy husband.

“I told my fiancé that the other guy and I only kissed in a random, drunken moment. In reality, we’ve done a LOT more than just one kiss. Now, more than 10 years of marriage and several children later, I still feel guilty about it.”

Unsurprisingly, many also discovered that the lies they hid from their partners extended to their marital bedroom.

One lecherous husband said, “I’ve been married for seven years and I’ve faked every orgasm with my husband. I always take care of myself afterwards, so as not to upset him.

“I even lied about not liking it because I just want it to stop.”

The extensive list of lies about marriage was all designed to avoid an inevitable fight

The extensive list of lies about marriage was all designed to avoid an inevitable fight

But while many delved into their most heartbreaking or deceptive moments, some were certainly less damaging than others.

Among the list of cheaters and liars, an anonymous woman said that she has been hiding her true eye color from her husband throughout her relationship.

“He has poor eyesight and couldn’t see at first that I’m wearing ultra-realistic colored prescription contact lenses. I’ve been wearing colored contact lenses for about 10 years and only take them out to shower and to give my eyes a rest,” she said.

“We’ve been married for five years now and he still doesn’t know that’s not my real eye color.”

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