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Shannon Sharpe blasts Ja Morant, saying the NBA superstar ‘refuses to accept accountability’


Shannon Sharpe blasts Ja Morant and his camp, saying the NBA superstar ‘refuses to accept responsibility’ after claiming he was holding a fake gun on IG Live

  • Ja Morant was seen on Instagram Live brandishing a gun for the second time, in May
  • NBA superstar awaits lengthy suspension from league after Finals
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Shannon Sharpe has called out Ja Morant and his camp for ostensibly spreading a rumor suggesting he was holding a toy gun in the latest Instagram Live controversy.

Morant was photographed with a gun that until this week had never been theorized to be anything other than a legitimate gun.

Sharpe, the soon-to-depart FS1 personality, emphasized that point and the absurdity of the latest rhetoric surrounding the talented but troubled Grizzlies player.

“Ja Morant refuses to accept responsibility for her actions,” Sharpe said in a three-minute soliloquy on Undisputed.

“What grown man do you know who plays with toy guns?” And listen to NBA YoungBoy and listen to that kind of gangster rap. With a toy gun.

Shannon Sharpe fired shots at Ja Morant again after new rhetoric emerged this week

Ja Morant was suspended from all team activities by the Grizzlies after the second incident

Ja Morant was suspended from all team activities by the Grizzlies after the second incident

“Again, he won’t accept responsibility for what he’s done,” Sharpe told Bayless. “He will not recognize the responsibility that should be given to him. Was it a toy gun now, Skip? Really? Really, Ja’s camp? Is that what you want us all to believe? Was it a toy gun?

Sharpe also questioned why Morant’s friend quickly turned the phone away when Morant was seen with the gun before claiming “no one believes him”.

Morant has been suspended by the Grizzlies since mid-May after he was seen waving a gun on an IG Live video.

There have been hints suggesting he will face more penalties from the NBA, but the exact suspension has yet to be announced.

League commissioner Adam Silver said any additional discipline imposed on Morant would not be revealed until after the NBA Finals.

The league suspended Morant for eight games earlier this season — after a similar incident occurred at a Denver-area nightclub.

Morant released a statement last month, saying: “I know I disappointed a lot of people who supported me.

“It’s a journey and I recognize that there is still work to be done. My words may not mean much right now, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I promise to keep working on myself.

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