Shane Warne’s son Jackson opens up about the priceless advice his dad gave him in the nets

Jackson Warne, his great-grandfather Shane Warne, is a good example of a young man who can take a lot from the old block.

The son of the Aussie leg spin legend has shared his net sessions with his father before his tragic death. These sessions gave him a unique insight into the craft and art of turning a cricket bowl.

Shane stated that Jackson never really got into cricket as a kid, before his sudden death at 52 years old in March. 

Jackson and Shane Warne were not only a son and a father, but they were best friends.

‘I never pushed Jackson into cricket… He It was a year-long affair. He took a hat trick and took four wickets in five balls. He also bowled a little bit with the seam or leg-spin, and smashed a few with his bat. He admitted that the game did not grab him.

Jackson has now relived the moment he and his dad went back to the nets as an adult for some bonding. He also gained a better understanding about the work of his father in the Australian team.

Jackson stated that he went twice in 2020, 2021 to the nets, and he tried leg-spin bowling. Channel 7.

Jackson Warne Hugs Family And Friends During The State Medmorial Service For Former Australian Cricketer Shane Warne At The Melbourne Cricket Groun

Jackson Warne embraces his family and friends at the state memorial service for Shane Warne, former Australian cricketer, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

‘[Dad said] Just so you are aware, the hardest thing in cricket is what you’re about trying to do.

“It’s not about your wrists. You’re using your shoulder and spinning your ankle at the right moment. I tried it.

‘After After about two hours, Jackson said to Dad, “This is a lot of hard work Dad put in for so long; congratulations!”

“You were the best at it.” I couldn’t even bowl six balls well – one was hitting high on the net, the other was hitting the floor. None of them were spinning or slowing down.

Jackson loved Shane, and Shane was more than a father to him. The pair were very close and considered each other best friends.

It was especially difficult for him to accept, given his public profile.

Jackson stated that the Warne family was still humbled by the support they received from the Australian public nine years after his death. 

Jackson said, “The outpouring that we have witnessed since March has been incredible, more than we anticipate,”


Warne Celebrates His Hat Trick After He Has Batsman Devon Malcolm Of England Caught By David Boon On The Fifth Day Of The Second Test Match In Melbourne During The Ashes

Warne celebrates his hat-trick after Devon Malcolm of England was caught by David Boon in the fifth day of the second Test match in Melbourne during The Ashes.

Warne Prepares To Roll The Arm Over

Warne Takes Yet Another Wicket In His Decorated Career

Warne prepares to roll the arm over and takes yet another wicket in his decorated Test career

“To see how shocking it was for the rest the world, especially Australia, to see how many messages were sent of condolences and positive messages, and to also see how many messages we still receive of condolences and positive messages. People who have lost a brother, sister or partner can also relate to the feelings of having to grieve and mourn.

 “It also makes it feel like I’m not the only one.” It has brought Summer and Brooke closer together. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of sisters, my grandpa, cousin uncle, and all the rest. I am very fortunate to have a great support network and we all stick together.

Jackson Said The Public Outpouring Of Support For His Family After Shane'S Death Had Been Staggering And He Spoke Of The Humble Man His Dad Was Privately

Jackson stated that the public outpourings of support for Shane’s family was overwhelming and he spoke privately about the humble man his father was.

Jackson revealed that Warne was a large-than-life personality with a thirst for life. However, Jackson was much more measured in private settings. 

‘Dad was so humble. He had no trophy cabinets in his entire house. He Never put his trophies on shelves. He I never spoke to them about them. He Was never seen doing anything wrong. He He said that he was always humble.

“I’m just happy that Australia and a lot other countries can see, especially since there is a state memorial, what a father he really was and how he loved his children.

“You might be able to see Shane Warne during the pitch, in media, or in politics, but it was when you actually met Shane Warne at the poker nights, while the Saints cheered on, that Shane you knew.

“I’m glad that everyone recognizes that he was more than the Shane Warne Cricketer, he was actually Shane Warne, the best father anyone could’ve asked for, and my most trusted friend.”

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