Shane Dawson's new docuseries will explore the biggest controversy of YouTube beauty

Shane Dawson is one of the few YouTube makers whose documentary series that other creators follow have collected more than 100 million views. His newest series, "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star," wants to be his biggest so far, go behind the scenes with one of YouTube & # 39; s most prominent and controversial beauty tools at a time when the community was experiencing its biggest feud so far.


Dawson dropped the first trailer for the series yesterday after months of teasing. It has viewed 5 million times in just over 12 hours and ended up at the top of the YouTube Trending page. People are excited about Dawson's long-awaited new series for the same reasons they were excited about his earlier videos about makers such as Jake Paul, Eugenia Cooney and Tana Mongeau: insider access.

The documentary series follows Star during his travels, works on his makeup line of millions of dollars and deals with personal problems. But it's impossible to talk about his life without the background of what's happening in the YouTube community – especially the beauty scene. One of the most important stories that Dawson & doc will cover is the controversial feud between beauty gurus James Charles and Tati Westbrook, two makers who know Dawson and Star. The very public fight of the personalities led Charles to lose more than 2 million subscribers in less than 48 hours, and it dominated the conversation within the YouTube community.

People who were obsessed with Charles and Westbrook & # 39; s back and forth or updates from YouTube commentary and drama channels were glued on YouTube and Instagram. But the highly edited, 45-minute staged testimonies only carried so much information about the bitter war. & # 39; The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star & # 39; has the advantage of starring two of YouTube's most influential and connected people: Star as the cornerstone of the beauty community and Dawson acting as a placeholder for fans who have seen everything happen.

However, the series is not just drama. All the great moments in the life of Dawson and Star, posted from time to time on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even YouTube, get more attention. Dawson & # 39; s marriage proposal, Star & # 39; s dog dies and Dawson & # 39; s own controversy from earlier this year (which led to the # ShaneDawsonIsOverParty hashtag on Twitter) will be examined in depth.

Dawson in the middle of a documentary about another maker may seem strange, but his life is intertwined with that of Star. The two have worked together on makeup lines, have many the same friends and operate within the same community. It is a greater challenge for Dawson to tell the story of Star without recording his own life events. Plus, this is what his fans want to see. It is the kind of access and apparent openness that fans expect from makers. The events in Dawson's documentary will be familiar to people who follow him and his friends closely, giving the intimate conversations the real appeal.

Since Dawson has been rolling out these docuseries in the past two years, other makers have tried to replicate his success. Even Jake Paul, who was the subject of one of the Dawson series, produced his own behind-the-scenes show about life in his vlogger collective mansion. But none comes close to Dawson's success. Docuseries have become Dawson's most prominent project, but they require months of recording and editing. He has set aside time for more frequent uploads to focus on producing longer projects, away from the routine of a traditional YouTube upload schedule. However, it is something that his fans have fully supported they turn every new episode from his series of appointment TVs.


"The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star" will appear on October 1. It is unclear how much of the Dawson series will release that day.

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