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Shadow and Bone might get a Six of Crows spinoff for everyone’s favorite thieves

Shadow and bonesThe second season is here, but that’s not all showrunner Eric Heisserer has in mind for the series’ future. As it turns out, Heisserer is already hard at work on one Six of crows spin-off for the misfit gang of thieves from the series. Heisserer confirmed the possible spin-off in an interview with Weekly entertainmentbut it was clear to point out that it hasn’t been officially picked up by Netflix yet.

According to Heisserer, he’s gathered a writer’s room for the Crows series to develop, even though it hasn’t been picked up by the streaming company yet – which is exactly what he did with Shadow and bones season 2. Heisserer says the show will be eight episodes long and will cover a variety of adventures with the Crows, including some of the time we don’t see them during the season 2 finale.

The Crows getting their own special spin-off is a little extra funny given the structure of Netflix’s main Shadow and Bone series. The incredibly popular gang of thieves wasn’t part of Leigh Bardugo’s first trilogy at all; they made their debut in a spin-off series, Six of crows And crooked kingdom. For the Netflix version of Shadow and Bone, Heisserer decided to use the Crows rather as a major part of the story, essentially combining elements from the Six of Crows books and the first book of the Shadow and Bone main series. But it seems the Crows were so charming that nothing could stop them from getting their own TV spin-off for long — or at least getting their own writer’s room.

During the day Shadow and bones season 2, Heisserer teamed up with Deagan Fryklind as co-showrunner, in part because Heisserer was also working on the development of the Six of Crows spin-off, and the two hoped they could share the responsibilities of the two series going forward. After all, as Heisserer told EW, they already have a lot of actors on Shadow and Bone, and one of the best parts of this Six of crows spin-off would be to give them all a bit more room to work.