Sexual drugs

Sexual health is a continuity of positive physical, psychological, and sociocultural experiences associated with sexuality. It involves a person’s ability to enjoy and express their sexuality, free from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, coercion, violence, and discrimination.

It is closely linked to self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, finding sexual satisfaction in abusive and non-abusive relationships, contributing to the quality of the relationship, and helping to avoid decisions that can have long-term adverse effects.

In modern times, sex is no longer a taboo subject, but new frontiers are being explored, such as increased sexual satisfaction with drugs. Name any drug, and someone will say that she adores sex just when under the influence of that drug.

5 Drugs That Enhance Sexual Pleasure And Performance


The little blue pill is well known around the world, and over time, this brand has become synonymous with guaranteed sexual satisfaction for both men who use it and their partners who indirectly enjoy its power.

Viagra has long been a taboo, and the related misconception – that it is only for older men who have problems “down there.”

If there is an allergic reaction to sildenafil, Viagra should not be used.

Viagra should not be taken with nitrate medications used for heart disease.


In smaller amounts, alcohol can be very good for relaxing the atmosphere. For example, it somewhat alleviates nervousness, increases relaxation, and therefore sexual attraction and lust.

But overloading it can have quite serious consequences – not just in the sense that you can end up in bed with a person with whom you would not have sex even in dreams. In men, already with a small amount of alcohol drunk, the intensity of erection is noticeably reduced, and with too many empty glasses, the erection can almost be said goodbye.


Cannabis increases feelings, and especially the sense of touch. In the first half-hour, after consuming cannabis, it causes euphoria and excitement, which also affects the libido jump. But when those magical half-hours pass, cannabis has a sedative effect.

 Long-term use of cannabis has negative consequences, first of all, because it lowers libido, and can impair the menstrual cycle in women. These consequences disappear with smoking cessation.

Despite this, many who smoke marijuana cite its beneficial and positive effect on sexual intercourse itself. The relationship becomes much more palatable as cannabis increases sensibility, and the orgasms act much more intense and much longer than usual.


Although it is a drug generally popularized by homosexuals for the sole reason that relaxes the soft tissues, first of all, the anus and allows for easier anal sex, it is equally a favorite among heterosexuals.

Not only because of the relaxed anal sex but most of all because it is an opiate with the most direct sex connection of all mentioned. The stories of those who have tried sex under the influence of drugs are the best among poppers. Poppers relax a body to the extent which is difficult to imagine, and since it is used in the form of the inhaler, it is very easy to consume and legally sold in some countries like Australia whereas for example Poppers UK for instance will not be as easily available. 

Since it is inhaled and causes high pressure and fever in the head, poppers should be avoided by those with health problems such as high blood pressure because it can cause a lot of things, from short-term fainting to death.


The main ingredient of ecstasy is MDMA, which is a stimulant, so it has a very psychedelic component. Under the influence of this drug, feelings of love occur, and the desire to touch is very strong. People who have taken ecstasy easily enter into intimate relationships with other people because it seems acceptable in those moments.

These feelings often do not lead to the act of sex itself, because in men, this drug often causes impotence. It often leads to dehydration, which makes it difficult to kiss, foreplay, and ultimately results in a lack of sexual intercourse.

Most of the human race likes to get drugged. And from the moment we figured out how to burn, ferment, or synthesize mind-altering agents, from alcohol through cocaine to LSD, we found a way to incorporate them into our sex lives, expanding and perfecting the raw pleasures we draw from sex.