Sexsomnia: Australian woman reveals her husband has sex with her in his sleep

‘My husband has sex with me while I sleep’: Woman shares her ’embarrassing’ confession about her partner, but she is not alone

  • An Australian woman has revealed that her husband initiates sex in his sleep
  • The man has a rare sleep disorder called ‘sexsomnia’, often called ‘sleep sex’
  • The couple was confused at first but now enjoy the unusual sexual condition
  • Often the man does not wake up during sex and does not remember it in the morning.
  • It is estimated that up to eight percent of people suffer from this rare condition.

An Australian woman has revealed that her husband has sex with her while she sleeps.

Nick* suffers from sexsomnia’, a rare sleep condition that causes him to initiate sex or sexual activities in his sleep and not remember it the next morning.

His wife Rachel* said this has happened at least once a month for the past few years, however, she said he gets so “passionate” that he often wakes up and has become a healthy part of their sex life.

An Australian woman has opened up about her husband’s rare sleeping condition that causes him to initiate sexual activity with her in her sleep (file image)

Rachel recounted the first time she witnessed sexsomnia at a recent Body and soul podcast.

“I was fast asleep, I thought he was fast asleep, and all of a sudden he started getting a little hands-on with me,” she told the podcast.

“I tried to talk to him and say ‘what’s going on?’ because I’m obviously fast asleep and he didn’t respond, and then I realized that he was unconscious, when I mentioned to him the next morning that he didn’t remember anything.” whatever.

Sexsomnia: the facts

* Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder known as parasomnia, a condition that refers to unusual behavior while sleeping, such as sleepwalking.

* The condition causes people to engage in sexual behavior while they sleep, including masturbation, sexual movements, initiation of sex, and sexual assault.

* Victims are completely asleep during the experience and usually cannot remember it the next morning.


* masturbation

* caresses

* sexual noises

* sexual movements

* Initiate sexual activities

*sexual assault

* sexual assault


* Drugs and alcohol

* Stress, anxiety and depression

* Sleep deprivation


* Parasomnias such as sleepwalking disorder and REM sleep behavior disorder

* Obstructive sleep apnea

* Kleine-Levin syndrome

* Chronic insomnia

* Restless Leg Syndrome

* Narcolepsy

* Persistent sexual arousal syndrome

* Dissociative disorders related to sleep

* Nocturnal psychotic disorders

* grind teeth


Experiencing sexsomnia with a loved one can be unnerving, as the victim may have their eyes open and appear awake, but is actually fully asleep.

However, Rachel said that she and Nick have gotten used to their sexsomnia and now it has actually become a positive habit for them.

‘If we’re both in the mood then what’s the harm?’ she laughed, explaining that the couple now think it’s funny.

The woman said that her husband has a “success rate of 6 out of 10” and that he usually arouses when sex becomes more passionate.

Rachel Said Nick'S Sleep Disorder Has Added To Their Sex Life And The Couple Joke About The Unusual Habit, However Others Are Struggling With It Due To Consent Issues (File Image)

Rachel said Nick’s sleep disorder has added to their sex life and the couple joke about the unusual habit, however others are struggling with it due to consent issues (file image)

Sexsomnia is part of the parasomnia category of sleep disorders that includes sleepwalking, and an estimated eight percent of people experience this rare disorder.

The disorder can be triggered by sleep deprivation, drugs, alcohol, stress, and depression.

Although this couple is happy with the effect it has had on their relationship, many sufferers of the condition have taken to online forums to explain how uncomfortable it can be to “navigate” the condition in a new relationship and the issues it raises. regarding consent.

*Names have been changed

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