Sex Secrets of the Sunrise Cash Cow: Executive Producer Reveals Secrets


Sex Secrets of the Sunrise Cash Cow: Seven executive reveals the breakfast mascot has a VERY dirty side

Sunrise’s executive producer has revealed an extraordinary behind-the-scenes secret about the show’s famous Cash Cow mascot.

Michael Pell told McKnight Tonight that one of the staffers who had to wear the suit had a habit of whispering “dirty things” to the hosts to distract them.

Fortunately, everyone on the Sunrise panel was involved in the joke, so the Cash Cow’s rude language didn’t lead to an HR investigation.

The Seven executive, 38, who has held the top position on Australia’s No. 1 breakfast show since 2010, said: ‘We had another guy who used to wear the cow suit and he whispered dirty things to them. [the hosts].

‘Actually, Sam Mac mentioned it in his book’ [Accidental Weatherman] and that was a lot of fun.

“A lot of what goes on behind the scenes is also a lot of fun, and you transfer the energy to the screen, and hopefully to the viewers.”

The Cash Cow pops up during Sunrise’s daily giveaways, and the person under the new outfit is usually one of the show’s hostess.

In October, the mascot’s head famously fell off during a live segment outside Brekky Central at Sydney’s Martin Place.

The Cash Cow’s energetic dance routine caused the head of the costume to fall off, exposing the young male staffer underneath.

He pretended to be a ski jumper with two umbrellas as sticks, and when he threw his head back to simulate a jump off the slope, his head flew into the air.

The man wearing the costume immediately dropped the umbrellas, covered his face with his hands, and then ran off the camera.

Sunrise airs weekdays from 5:30am on Seven