Severn Trent to accelerate river clean-up after strong start to year

Severn Trent accelerates river clean-up operation by 16 years after strong start to the year

Severn Trent has to submit plans to clean up rivers after the government launches an investigation into whether sewerage works violate environmental regulations.

The company said it would meet its obligations to improve rivers under the Environmental Act within nine years, rather than in the previous quarter of a century.

The company said: ‘Rivers are key to our supply chain and while we don’t own the rivers in our region, we take our role in protecting and caring for them seriously.’

Severn Trent, led by CEO Liv Garfield (pictured), said it would meet its river improvement obligations under the Environmental Act within nine years

It added that it welcomes cooperation with regulators after announcing an Ofwat and Environment Agency investigation into sewage treatment plants.

Regulators said companies could face unlimited fines if they are sued for violations of their environmental obligations.

The study of more than 2,000 sewage treatment plants was launched after monitoring revealed that many may not be following rules about how much wastewater is treated before it can flow into nature.

Severn Trent also announced a 13.8 percent increase in pre-tax profits in the six months ended September. It made £256 million on sales of £958 million, an increase of 8 percent.

Chief executive Liv Garfield said, “We’re once again off to a strong start to the year as we focus on delivering to stakeholders in our region and delivering to customers in the areas that matter most to them.”