Several Best Buy Stores Will Have Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPUs Available Tomorrow

Nvidia’s RTX 30-series graphics cards are nearly impossible to find in stock, but Best Buy is offering PC gamers the opportunity to buy one on Thursday, August 26. Select store locations have stock, and if you find your local store on this page by using the dropdowns it will be one of the locations that will get some GPUs for Thursday’s restock.

You can’t just come and pick one up at any time of the day. To be eligible to buy one, you must be at your store and line up before 7:30 AM local time. That’s when Best Buy employees give one ticket to each person in line until there are no more tickets. If you get a ticket, Best Buy says it guarantees you can buy one graphics card, so be early to make sure you get a ticket and get the GPU you want. If you miss this time, Best Buy seems to do these restock events every month or so.

PC gamer notes that Twitter account @GPURestock claims to have internal information describing the exact GPU models that will be available at each of the participating Best Buy locations, and how many each will have on hand. However, some replies to the tweet linked above dispute that the information is correct.

So come as early as possible and there’s a decent chance you’ll get the graphics card you’re looking for.