Sevenhugs is expanding its range of universal smart home remote controls

Sevenhugs today doubles the number of universal remote controls in its line-up, bringing the total number of options to two. The new Smart Remote You join the original Smart Remote (now known as the Smart Remote X) and cost $ 100 less at $ 199. Both models can be purchased at The Sevenhugs website or Best Buy.


The original Sevenhugs Smart Remote was launched on Kickstarter more than two years ago and is intended as a single remote control to control both your home entertainment systems and any smart home gadgets that you may have installed. Instead of physical buttons, it uses a touchscreen that can adjust itself to the device that you are currently controlling. You can even point the Smart Remote at any gadget you want to control, such as a smart lamp, thermostat or TV, and it automatically presents the appropriate controls for that device. It uses sensors installed in the room, as well as its own motion sensors to orient itself.

Image: Sevenhugs

The new, cheaper Smart Remote U retains the ability to control both entertainment and smart home devices, as well as the sleek touchscreen design. What it specifies is the ability to point the remote control at something and adjust the display automatically. Sevenhugs says that both Smart Remotes are compatible with "more than 650,000 devices", including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared control, and have the ability to control up to 80 devices from a single remote control. The Smart Remotes also support automation schedules, so a single press of a button can activate lighting, video and audio at the same time. Just like other universal remote controls, the Smart Remotes also have infrared learning for easy programming.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X
Image: Sevenhugs

The Smart Remote U is available in black for $ 199, while the $ 299 Smart Remote X, which retains the same functions as the original, is available in white or black. Sevenhugs says that the remote controls will be available through Amazon in the coming months, but can be purchased directly from the company or from Best Buy from today.

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