Seven things men wish women would do the first time they have sex

It may be the first time. It can be out-of-this-world extraordinary…or a bitter disappointment.

It’s why everyone feels equal excitement and nervousness when it happens.

Do you want to impress your lover and make sure they know that you are up for a lifetime worth of great sex?

Here’s a list of the top things that most people want in a partner when they first get the chance to have a go.

Here are seven essential moves you should remember when you first get in touch with your partner to impress them and make sure they have a great time. Stock image

1. Keep the lights on

“My greatest fear is that I won’t be able find her clitoris. Let me know what I am aiming at so that I have a fighting chance.

While mood lighting can be helpful (and is better than a brightly lit space), total darkness is not. If you are enjoying what he is doing, it’s difficult enough for him to figure out if you can see your face and read your body language. It’s almost impossible to tell what he sees when he doesn’t. HeIt’s not an insanity if he can’t find that pesky clitoris. Some do a great job hiding under the hood.

Besides, your motivation for wanting to hide is obvious – and his second request.

2. Stress about your body is not a problem

“I slept with a girl who was so paranoid that she wouldn’t let us touch her anywhere. She I kept my hands off the table and said things like “Don’t touch me stomach, it’s disgusting!” After a while, I quit and sex never happened at all.

Obsessing on darkness, hiding beneath the covers, covering your breasts because you don’t like them, wearing a Tshirt to bed – we’re getting better, but many women are still too self-critical about what they look like.

Most men aren’t.

They are so excited they are about to have sex that they won’t judge you.


Here are some tips to help you handle your most valuable part.

Get comfortable You can’t manipulate him side-by. Instead, lay on your back and bend your knees so that he can straddle your stomach while you are on your knees. You both get a fantastic view, and he can also work on you simultaneously.

Switch sensations Our bodies quickly become desensitized to any technique, no matter how effective it may feel. It is possible to have too many good thins. Alternate between a firm, fast touch, and a soft, slower one. Switch between them every few minutes.

You can switch sides Instead of trying to stimulate the entire shaft, you can focus on just one side. Begin by holding his penis in one hand and placing your fingers on his pubic hair. Your other hand should be wrapped around his penis’ base. Then, let your palm glide up the top of the head and massage the scalp. Do not let your hand slip from the base of his penis.

Do the job right: Many women don’t know how to end a hand-job. We either stop too quickly or are too heavy to carry on too long. To get him to orgasm quickly, stroke fast using firm pressure. Don’t loosen your grip. You can sense the beginning of his orgasm. His testicles will lift towards his body, and you’ll feel contractions. You can stop when the semen stops coming forth.

Who cares if your thighs or booty are too large if it’s just one-off sex? You don’t want to hide body parts if you hope it will develop into a relationship. HeAt some point, he’ll see you naked.

It is a waste of energy to worry about your genitals and how they taste. Vulvas come as many shapes and sizes as possible. There is no one right way to look so don’t worry about conforming.

Everyone wants to smell and taste fresh every time they have sex. If you wish, shower before you sex and wash your face with a clean towel. Then, relax and let your feelings guide you.

3. If things don’t go according to plan, don’t panic.

“The pressure to have a big, hard erection the first time is tremendous. If she loses it for more than a few minutes, her face will drop.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is trying to impress you the first time. An anxious owner can make it difficult for their penis to let go and show off.

It is normal for him to experience erection problems the first time. He doesn’t dislike you, or think your body isn’t strong enough. He’s just as nervous as you. If he climaxes too quickly or takes too much time, it’s the same.

4. Actively participate

“My ex-wife always took control in bed. It was very depressing to see the same things after our divorce. The majority of women still think about England from a distance.

Although I don’t suggest you bounce on the bed like a four year old who has just eaten their body weight in sweets at grandma, please don’t let him do all the moves.

Sex can be exhausting. It’s unfair to let him do all the work. It’s also patronizing to assume that allowing him to have sexual relations with you is enough.

Do not be a ‘dead fish’! Get active! Take control of the situation and ride with him. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You can tell him what you want and what you need. You can say it this way: “Can I move slightly to the right?” It’s incredible. Keep going, don’t stop!

5. Give great oral sex

“A woman who is willing to go down on you, without you asking, and who truly enjoys it: You’ve hit the jackpot.”

Tracey Cox Has Revealed The Moves That Will Seriously Impress Your Love The First Time You Have Sex

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You’ll want this favor very much back. The second is that it’s not just one of your favorite things. Doing it unasked shows him you are equally interested in receiving as well as giving pleasure. You can let him see your enthusiasm and watch him get excited.

Many of the men I interviewed said that they could ‘feel’ when a woman is in it for purely sexual reasons. “It’s quite obvious.”

6. We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying it

“I had no idea if she had had the best sex or hated it all. She “I gave no clues at all.”

It’s embarrassing for you both to moan loudly and pretend you like everything he does. But you do need to give feedback – and lots of women don’t.

A genuine moan or groan that is a sign of pleasure. A whispered “Mmmmmmm.” That’s great! Positive feedback is vital for our survival.

7. Put aside your post-sex anxiety

I feel tired from sex. I don’t like having questions about where we are going thrown at me in rapid succession.


Okay, maybe there is one woman who says “Thanks but not thanks”, but most will respond with “Hell, yes!” If you do these erotic moves, it will be a great massage.

Double up Once she is fully awake and nearing a climax add lots of lube. Cross your middle finger over the index finger, and then slide your fingers out of her vagina twisting like a screw.

Don’t let the pressure get on Apply a lot of lube onto your fingers, and draw circles around her clitoris. You will start with large, slow circles. Then, you’ll make smaller, faster circles. Vary how you apply pressure to your fingertips. Start with small circles, then increase pressure for larger ones. Sometimes, change your direction.

Take a walk. As if your fingers were two legs, pretend that you are walking up and down on the clitoral area of her body. You can also flick your fingers while doing so.

Support her: You can ask her to lie down with her legs extended wide, then you can sit behind her (with your legs in front of her). From Use one hand to stimulate her breasts from behind. The other is used to massage her clitoris. You can also use your mouth to kiss her neck.



When they first have sex with someone, women feel anxious and vulnerable. If it was sex just for the sake of sex, then the old “Was she slutty?” feeling can set in. If it was sex for sex sake, the old ‘Was this lut?’ attitude can kick in.

If you truly like them, it is important to see if they live up to your expectations.

Asking for reassurance is fine. It’s better than being afraid and becoming defensive. Another thing that can ruin a post-coital glow is to try and get in the way of the relationship, rather than letting it begin.

You will be more at ease with him if you’re relaxed about it all. Try to be affectionate, and give him a few meaningful looks. However, resist the temptation to grab his legs as he heads for the door.


It is time to turn the tables…

1. At the beginning, give lots of compliments

“A younger man who I was having sex with told me that there was nothing wrong with me. He said, “Even your feet were young.” I’ve never forgotten it.’

Even if you only say it once, “Perfect breasts!” You can also say ‘Your skin feels so smooth’ or ‘Perfect breasts!’ to acknowledge that you are thrilled to finally have our bod.

Tell us even if we think you’re a 10, even if it’s not necessary. There is nothing more seductive than someone looking at you in the eyes and then saying, “My god!” in a strangled, overcome voice. It can be daunting to stand naked in front of someone you don’t know. It helps to relax when we know that we look good.

2. We want to know how much you care

“It’s difficult for men because we kinda want him to be out-of-control and in control at all times.”

It’s a good thing to be a little bit of a caveman. This does not mean that we should push ourselves back onto the bed and force ourselves to unzip our bodies. This is what we DO NOT want. However, being too tentative can be a turn-off.

3. After you have given your consent, go ahead!

Dress us up like the most desired present you have ever received. Let your eyes and fingers run over every part of your body, let us see naked passion in your eyes. Grab a few hairs and pull them, then grab our faces and kiss us.

While we’re on that topic…

4. We are your best friend – many kisses

“Not properly kissing me first is like entering my house and not knocking at the door.”

Soft, tender kisses to the lips. Deep kisses and occasional tongue darting. You can also bite the neck and nibble on it. Don’t rush the kissing part. Women love it so slow down.

The better you are at taking everything in slow motion. Take a look at our breasts and stroke our thighs. You can either dive straight for the best bits, or you can try to penetrate after a few minutes. If you do have sex, you will be lucky.

5. Give great oral sex

I can only orgasm with an expert partner through oral sex. If he fails to deliver, I will use a vibrator. This is something that many guys don’t like.

Oral sex is the most popular method of sex for many women. It’s the most common way women orgasm. Showing that you enjoy it and (even more) how it works well is a great way to get ahead.

It shows us that you don’t mind sex. This tells us this is how we’re going for climax.

6. Let us orgasm first…

“Everyone knows when he’s done, it’s sex.”

She This mantra should be taught at schools. It’s polite, and it’s logical. Men tend to save their orgasms for intercourse. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to enjoy penetration. For both of you to have orgasm, she should first orgasm through your tongue, fingers, or with a sextoy. Then, he can orgasm through penetration.

…but don’t stress if we don’t

You can tell the difference between the men and the boys by their actions when they are not having an orgasm. Men want to know what they can do better next time. Boys want to know what is wrong.

Some women need some time to have an intimate orgasm. It takes them time to relax and may require some tweaking. If an orgasm does not happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t enjoying it. You won’t be able to make us feel all sulky and insulted if we act that way.

7. Afterward, say something nice

“I made us wait so that there was a lot pressure on our first attempt. Although it was a good experience, he didn’t tell anyone about the events. He just jumped up and went to the bathroom. It was horrible.

Some men will clam out because they feel they did not perform well. They don’t want to be confirmed verbally. You may get a dry reply if they rave about how amazing it was.’.

That is what we get. However, women are different. Talking about the problem helps if it was ever a problem. It doesn’t matter if it was terrible, but talking about it can make it even more wonderful. We should at least give you a hug and kiss to say “I think you are amazing.”

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