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Seven teens arrested after horrific Melbourne crash in allegedly stolen vehicle

Shocking moment: Seven teenagers climb out of a wrecked BMW as their high-speed chase with police ends in a terrifying crash.

  • Seven teenagers arrested after home invasions in southeast Melbourne
  • Their car crashed into a tree, before police caught up with them on Tuesday.
  • Footage of the high-speed crash showed the teens slowly getting out of the car.
  • A neighbor who saw them flee after a robbery said the problem is common.

Seven teenagers have been arrested after they crashed a car into a tree while fleeing from police, following an alleged spree of home invasion crimes.

Footage of the allegedly stolen BMW crashing into a tree on a narrow street in suburban Melbourne showed the moment leaves fell onto the road as teenagers slowly got out of the wrecked car.

The teens were seen staggering out of the car, some crawling on the ground while others ran around the vehicle.

The police eventually caught up with the shocked group and arrested them all.

The occupants of the allegedly stolen BMW were no match for a tree they collided with on Tuesday morning (pictured), after alleged break-ins in the Melbourne Bay Area.

The occupants of the allegedly stolen BMW were no match for a tree they collided with on Tuesday morning (pictured), after alleged break-ins in the Melbourne Bay Area.

A teenager, who was traveling in the boot at the time, was knocked unconscious during the collision on Chelsea St, Brighton, south Melbourne, and landed in hospital under police guard.

Mr. Dowset said it was

Mr Dowset said it was “intimidating” to see the alleged theft taking place and has been happening during the Covid lockdowns.

The young group’s alleged criminal rampage began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in the Bayside area of ​​Melbourne.

The group reportedly attacked two houses, all with ages between 14 and 16.

Brighton resident Doug Dowsett told Daily Mail Australia that he saw torches being used inside a neighboring house that suspected burglars had targeted.

“I was watching everything, we were alerted because there was a car parked outside our house at 3 am, which is obviously pretty suspicious,” Dowsett said.

“My wife woke me up, we went around our house to check, then we saw there were torches at our next door neighbor’s house.”

At that point, the vigilant neighbor called the police but was told that they were busy attending to other robberies.

Despite that, officers managed to arrive within about 15 minutes, but not before Dowsett saw the group run from the house.

‘It’s intimidating but unfortunately it’s part of what’s been going on… during the last Covid [lockdowns],’ he said.

Dowsett also said police are poorly resourced locally, with just two cars to patrol a 7-mile swath of Bayside and the surrounding area.

His neighbor, whose home was allegedly broken into by the teens, said 7News He heard a noise in the garage of his house and went to investigate.

David McKern, 83, confronted the group when they allegedly tried to steal his car, but instead allegedly got away with some money.

The Bayside man said he used a mop to scare them.

The teens allegedly moved out, entered and wandered into another nearby property before fleeing the scene when they crashed the car.

A teenager (pictured) can be seen getting up after Tuesday's horrific collision.

A teenager (pictured) can be seen getting up after Tuesday’s horrific collision.

The BMW in the accident had allegedly been stolen a week earlier from Mount Waverley in East Melbourne and was allegedly used in other criminal attempts during the week.

Victoria Police have not yet filed charges against the teens.

The high-speed crash comes after police said they hit a driver who was driving dangerously during a police chase last Friday in south-east Melbourne.

A police helicopter followed the car through several suburbs, where the vehicle was allegedly recorded as traveling at 150 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

Two male occupants in the car were eventually arrested and charged.


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