Serverwala-Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in the USA

What is a Dedicated Server? 

A website is hosted through a server, which is like the gateway into the world of networking. There are many different kinds of servers available for consideration out of which dedicated servers are the most premium solutions of the lot. Dedicated servers are servers that are entirely “dedicated” for your use. You will own every component of a dedicated server- it’s hardware elements, the software structure, and so on. There is no question of sharing any part of a dedicated server with any other individual.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are the best when it comes to different criteria about a server. Since you own everything, the data stored in a dedicated server is the safest. Data stored in shared servers are prone to attacks from all kinds of miscreants but that can be avoided in dedicated servers.

A high degree of the ability to configure the server to your needs also helps you enhance the security. However, unlike the shared server options, since you own each aspect of a dedicated server, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a dedicated server is very high.

This high cost is the most difficult feature of a dedicated server and most smaller companies and businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and so on are not likely to opt for it. In a shared server the cost gets divided among all the shared users but in a dedicated server, the whole brunt of the expenses has to be maintained by the organization or the business. One needs to consider a lot of aspects before going for a dedicated server for their business. 

How to Choose the Best Hosts for a Dedicated Server in USA? 

 Once you make an online search for dedicated server hosting plans in usa, hundreds of options will come. Choosing a server for your needs is already quite difficult, choosing from so many options is going to be even more difficult. Here are certain tips that you need to carefully consider before you choose one of the hosting plans for a dedicated server:

server room

#1 Server Management: 

Managing the server hardware and software is the most crucial part of choosing a service plan. There are always two options available- managed and unmanaged servers. It is always better to go for a managed plan and choose the server hosting plan that gives the best-managed deal. They will look after all the technicalities such as regular updates, security patches, loopholes in the website framework, and so on.

#2 Customer Support: 

Terrific customer support is needed while dealing with a server. There are tons of technical issues that can come up from time to time while you are managing a server and does a reliable and always available customer support team is essential. It is always better to go for a service provider and a plan who is known to have a great customer support team.

High-End Security Features: 

Security is one of the most important features to deal with when you are dealing with servers. A momentary lapse can lead to huge losses of profit as well as crucial data. Thus it is recommended to always choose a service plan that has the highest regard for security. 

What Should You Look for in a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan? 

When you go through the list of plans for dedicated servers from any service provider, you will see that various details are listed as specifications. These specifications are what defines a dedicated server and should be carefully analyzed before making a choice. Here are the points to consider when you are choosing a dedicated server plan:

Data center

#1 CPU: 

The central processing unit or CPU is the brains of the computer system that is going to manage your server. The CPU comes in many forms and is determined by the number of cores available. Each of these cores is a single processing unit capable of handling a request. The more the number of cores, the better the functioning of the CPU. Quad-core CPUs comprising of 4 cores is very common nowadays. There is a higher option such as 8 cores and even more easily available nowadays. 

#2 RAM: 

RAM is a part of the CPU which provides the storage area for rapidly incoming and outgoing information. It is the random access memory and none of the information is stored here. However, a higher RAM ensures that the CPU will be capable of dealing with more information, and hence a heavier load at any given time.

#3 Bandwidth: 

The Bandwidth determines how much data can be transmitted from an initial to a final point in a given time. This means that the higher the bandwidth, the more the data can be transferred over the network leading to faster websites.


Storage space in your CPU determines how much data can you keep saved in your database. Having huge storage space is recommended as with every new click on your website new data is going to be introduced. The same is true from your side too- as you update your services and provide more and more products, the data stored increases over time. You may start with limited data but it will increase manifolds over time! Thus it is better to go for a high storage plan from the beginning.

Why Choose Serverwala for Dedicated Server Plans? 

Serverwala has a long history of providing server hosting services. They have trusted users in more than 200 countries throughout the world and it is growing. More than 7000 agencies and organizations trust their services regarding server hosting. They have a team of dedicated experts who are always available to take care of all your needs whenever you face any problem. 

At Serverwala you will find a plethora of plans to take care of all your needs. Whether you need a huge storage space or are looking for greater bandwidth support, there are different plans available at Serverwala catering to different needs. The lowest dedicated server hosting plans start from just $60/month at Serverwala. They are not only limited to dedicated server plans but also give other options such as cloud servers, VPS, and so on to take care of different needs. They also provide excellent server management programs to help clients with efficient use of servers. From control panel management to individual software or hardware management, they provide all kinds of services.


 There are many plans to choose from when you are looking for a dedicated server plan. However, basing your choice on only the cost of the server is not always the best option. You have to consider different aspects of a plan and have to give special attention to the CPU, RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth specifications if you want a plan that is going to benefit you in the long run. There are always chances to upgrade when you are using a dedicated server plan, but starting with an inefficient plan will not help you out in any way. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, you need to carefully look into all the details when choosing a plan and select the one that best suits your need of the hour and the actions of your website.