SEO WordPress Guide for 2021


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is actually a group of strategies used y website owners to get more engagement and traffic of the people. SEO is key to rank higher in the Google search engine. When people search about the topic in Google, Google shows the results of those websites which has SEO optimized content according to this topic and the searcher will directed to the pages of these websites. If you have SEO optimized content related to this topic, your website page will show higher in the search result.

Lilo Web Design Firm says that SEO is the most important factor in the survival of your website. It acts like the soul of your website. SEO is actually a set of information that is used by the search engine to rank your page and content. If the search engine doesn’t have this information, it cannot rank your page or content. That is why SEO is the most important factor to rank your website. 

SEO is of two types, On-Page and Of-Page SEO. On-page SEO is the type of SEO that you have done totally on your website pages and Of-Page SEO is obtaining backlinks from other websites to your website. SEO is all about using keywords in the correct position and the correct amount in your content.

In this short piece of article, we will guide you about the SEO of your WordPress website. By following the below-given steps, you will be able to SEO Optimize your website to get more traffic and engagement of the people.

SEO WordPress Guide for 2021

  • Check the Visibility Settings of your website:

Visible settings of your website will decide that the search engine can see your website or not. By turning off the visibility of your website, you can get time to work on the development of your website but turning off visibility after the complete development of the website is not a good practice at all. You will no longer see by search engine in this situation so you have to turn on the visibility of your website.

You can do it simply by clicking the “Settings” section of your website and then click the “Reading page”. Here you will see the “Search Engine Visibility” in front of which you can see a box has written on it “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. Make sure this box is unchecked. Now, you can be sure that your website is visible to search engines.

  • Use SEO friendly URL addresses for your pages and posts:

Always use such types of URL addresses for your pages and posts which clearly explains the content of the pages. These URL addresses should be easy to read by humans and the search engine. An example of SEO friendly URL is,

You can clearly notice that the above URL link is completely readable to humans and search engines also. This type of URL can enhance the ranking of your website. Now, take a look at below given URL,

https: //

This URL is completely unreadable to humans and search engines. The URL links associated with the pages is also known as Permalink. The more SEO friendly Permalinks you have, the more traffic you will get on your website. For settings these types of permalinks, you just only have to go permalinks section of the “settings” of your WordPress. Then select “Post name”. After this, all of your URLs will SEO optimized according to your post name. 

Always choose www address for your website:

WWW containing web addresses are more readable for search engine than non-www containing web addresses. You can change this setting by going into General Settings of your WordPress set your web address in both “WordPress address URL” and “Site Address URL”.

Select the best WordPress SEO Plugin:

SEO plugin is the best tool for doing SEO of your website. As you know there is a plugin for everything in WordPress and SEO is no exception. A thousand WordPress plugins are available in the market nowadays but the Yoast SEO plugin is simply the best. You can trust Yoast SEO plugins with closed eyes. The installation process of Yoast SEO is very easy, just go into the plugin section of your WordPress and enter Yoast SEO in the search button. You will see the Yoast SEO in the search results. Click the install button below the Yoast SEO plugin and hence you will easily install it on your website.

Always add XML Sitemap in your WordPress website:

XML sitemap is a map of your website which can be easily read by the search engine. Through the XML sitemap, a search engine can easily crawl on your website pages. You are telling the location of your website contents to the search engine via the XML sitemap. It is a file on your WordPress website which has a list of all the pages on your Website. If you are using Yoast SEO, it will create an XML Sitemap of your website automatically and you don’t have to do nothing. If you want to see your sitemap just click on the following link,

https: //

Keywords research and optimization of your content:

As we have discussed earlier that SEO is just a matter of using keywords in the correct position and correct amount. Keyword research is the first step in doing practical SEO. You can do keyword research by famous tools such as Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest. You simply have to write a topic in the search bar of theses tools and you will get keywords related to this topic. Always select such a keyword which low competition and high search volume. 

After the selection of the keywords, start the SEO optimization of your blog posts and pages with specific keywords using Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO has certain indicators and suggestions which are very helpful in SEO optimization of your website. If you follow the instruction of Yoast SEO correctly, your optimization will be very easy and consume less time also.

Thanks for reading the article.