Selma Blair reunites over coffee with DWTS partner Sasha Farber

Selma Blair reunites with DWTS partner Sasha Farber over coffee… after winning People’s Choice Award.

Selma Blair reunited with Sasha Farber, her Dancing With The Stars partner, in sunny Los Angeles on Thursday.

The actress, who is 50 years old, was a competitor on the show this season but had to withdraw due her multiple sclerosis-related health problems.

Despite her exit from the program, she clearly kept her friendship with the professional dancer who was paired up with her.

Having a ball: Selma Blair enjoyed a reunion with her Dancing With The Stars partner Sasha Farber in sunny Los Angeles on Thursday

She Sasha was seen with Scout, her English Labrador service dog, along to meet her for a coffee alfresco.

Their sightings occur two nights after Selma thanked Sasha and accepted a People’s Choice Award.

Her She was able to reunite with Sarah Michelle Gellar, her Cruel Intentions costar, on stage after her win.

Selma and Sarah are known to have stayed close friends since they acted together in the cult classic movie more than 20 years ago.

All that sweet affection: despite her run on the program being over, she has clearly maintained her friendship with the pro dancer who was teamed up with her

The go: She Sasha was spotted bringing Scout, her English Labrador Service Dog, along for an alfresco coffee.

Selma and Sasha: The 50-year-old actress competed on the show this year but had to withdraw because of the health challenges posed by her multiple sclerosis 

Sarah, 45, was beaming with joy as she presented Selma with a People’s Choice Award for the best competition contestant.

The couple famously locked lips during Cruel Intentions, an exciting moment that earned them an MTV Movie Award.

Selma, who won the People’s Choice Award Tuesday for her work, said: “Oh my goodness, the last time that I won an award was when Sarah kissed me!” You are a good luck charm!

Selma was performing on Dancing With The Stars. Sasha said that Selma had once fallen asleep during a rehearsal but continued to dance with her.

Warm words: Their sighting comes two nights after Selma thanked Sasha onstage while accepting a People’s Choice Award for her run on Dancing With The Stars

Together again: Her The win allowed her to meet up with Sarah Michelle Gellar (Cruel Intentions) on stage.

”I’m like “Take the day off. Just chill.” She’s like: “Nope!”‘ Sasha spit, and added that their two-hour rehearsal had been extended to a staggering five hours.

She Scout is there to help her when she falls ill, Scout has confirmed this. She said, ‘The truth is, I pass out quite a bit.’ Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s part and parcel of why I have Scout, but it doesn’t mean that I lose consciousness.” [or] It’s a whole ambulance experience. I lose my vision, gravity pulls at me down, and I’m very disoriented. 

Selma explained to Selma that her dog is “kind of there also to catch me, you can see, make the ground closer with his rear.” 

Remember when: The pair famously locked lips in Cruel Intentions, a buzzy moment that even earned them an MTV Movie Award for best kiss

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