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‘Selling Sunset’ Star Emma Hernan Teases New Villain in Season 6 of Netflix’s Real Estate Reality Series


Of sell sunset star Emma Hernan of the Oppenheim Group, who returns May 19 for the sixth season, says the new episodes of the Netflix real estate reality show won’t lack drama.

“Don’t worry, we have a new villain,” Hernan says The Hollywood Reporter with a laugh, when asked if the show will calm down following the departure of cast member and fashion influencer Christine Quinn, who has been at the center of numerous clashes on sell sunset.

“We’ve got a new villain and I’m going to let you and the audience decide who you think it is,” continues Hernan, who was the first to join the cast of sell sunset in season four. “Everyone has their own opinion, I have mine and I don’t like the bad guy. But everyone will form their own opinion. But I can assure you we have a new villain in the mix. We do not disappoint in the villain game. I just gave you a little tea.”

“I believe (cast member) Chrisshell (Stause) and I have the same opinion about who the bad guy is,” she continues. “But if you ask another cast member, I think they might say someone else. So I think that’s what makes the upcoming season so different. There is just a lot more dynamic.”

Among the new faces in season six of sell sunset his former model Bre Tiesi (who is the mother of 10-month-old Legendary Love with Nick Cannon) and longtime Oppenheim Group agent Nicole Young.

The sell sunset cast, left to right: Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim, Nicole Young, Amanza Smith, Heather Rae, Bre Tiesi, Davina Potratz, Brett Oppenheim, Emma Hernan, Chelsea Lazkani, Chrishell Stause in Season 6.

Adam Rose/Netflix © 2023

Hernan, who lives in West Hollywood, also claims that the homes featured in the new season will not disappoint. “The real estate is bigger, it’s better, it’s more luxurious,” says Hernan, whose current $7.245 million listing of a home formerly owned by Harry Styles in the Hollywood Hills will be shown amid upcoming episodes.

Last year, the Oppenheim Group launched a spin-off of sell sunset, Sell ​​OC, based in its Newport Beach office and its real estate brokerage has recently expanded to include offices in La Jolla, California, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “We are definitely expanding and the business is growing. I think the Oppenheim group has definitely made a name for itself and in the luxury market,” says Hernan, who is also an investor and entrepreneur (she is the founder of food company Emma Leigh & Co.)

Prior to the series’ season six premiere, THR further spoken with hernan about what to expect in the new season, whether she could ever see herself and Quinn becoming friends, and about opening up about her private life on camera (including going on a date on camera).

Looking back at your first two seasons, what stands out to you and what do fans ask for the most?

The first two seasons there was a big focus on myself, just being new to the group, the dynamic with a previous cast member, Christine Quinn. I got a lot of questions about that. People just want to know the backstory with everything and the real dynamic between the mystery man and things along those lines.

By mystery man do you mean the man that both you and Christine supposedly both dated before?

Yes. There was a lot of interest in that. But this was something that went back years and that we had to deal with in real life – in front of millions of people.

Off camera, are you and Christine friends? Do you stay in touch?

No, we’ve never been friends and I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Emma Hernan - Selling Sunset - Cast Member - Real Estate - Oppenheim Group

Emma Hermann

Jason Kent

Do you know if sell sunset being picked up for season eight?

We haven’t heard anything yet. Fun fact, if (seasons) eight and nine get picked up, I think we’ll be the longest-running unscripted show on Netflix ever. We had a viewing of the first episode of season six and Netflix was there and they told us that, which was really cool. It was in a cute little movie theater in Beverly Hills and we watched it with Netflix and some of the cast as well.

What is Oppenheim Group President Jason Oppenheim’s role amid all the drama in the new season?

Jason always tries to pretend there’s no drama going on and he’s definitely unavailable when we need him to break up a few cat fights, that’s for sure. But there are a few situations where we needed his feedback, so he had to get involved, which probably wasn’t his first choice, but he didn’t have a choice. Trust me, Jason was on vacation a few times when we needed him to join us, but when he came back there was no escaping it. He had to handle it.

Will there be an upcoming storyline about your dating life in the new episodes?

We talk about my dating situation. We taped seasons six and seven back to back and I’m going on a date. I’m trying to think if it’s on season six or seven, but I’m definitely going on a date on the show. So I open my whole life, including my personal life, to the show. You can tune in and see.

Harry Styles - Former Home - Hollywood Hills - Real Estate

This 4,400-square-foot, four-bedroom Hollywood Hills home was owned by Harry Styles from 2016 to 2019. It’s on the list with Emma Hernan of the Oppenheim Group for $7.245 million.


Are there any downsides to participating in a reality show?

I’m an open book and I think that’s what you should do if you decide to be on a reality show so that people can really get to know you and bond with you and connect with you. Of course I think there’s a give and take with anything in any industry you’re in, and of course being on a reality show is great. I have a platform where I can give my very best when it comes to doing business and telling a story. But being under a microscope is always a challenge and it’s something you have to navigate through and it’s not always the easiest. That’s probably my biggest pet peeve challenge when it comes to participating in a reality show. I think the good outweighs the bad.

Of Sell ​​OC after launching last year, will fans see crossover moments between the two shows and casts?

Yes, in some scenes and dinners you see the OC cast coming to ours and then in a few episodes OCthe sell sunset crew goes down (there). There is certainly a bit of a crossover.

Chrisshell Stause - Emma Hernan - Cast Members - Season Six - Selling Sunset - Netflix

Chrisshell Stause and Emma Hernan on Season 6 of sell sunset.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

How would you describe the state of the real estate market in LA right now?

There is definitely a downward trend right now. We’ve all seen it between the Mansion Tax and between the higher interest rates. But I think it’s starting to pick up again. People come back and show more interest.

You grew up on the east coast. What do you like about living in LA?

I mean, of course you can’t beat the weather; that is clearly why people move here. I feel like LA is just a magical place. It is full of opportunity and full of beauty to be honest with you. Whenever my dad comes to visit, we do Runyon (Canyon) with my dog ​​almost every day. And then occasionally we do Franklin Canyon.

What architectural style does your dream home have?

I love that New England traditional. The house I have now is traditional New England and it just reminds me of home. Houses like the one in LA are a little bit different, a little bit more, because you typically see a lot of modern houses there. There’s just something so warm, cozy and homely about traditional homes.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Season six of Sell ​​sunshinet premieres on May 19.

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