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Selfish act of tourists on Wilson’s Promontory at the southernmost point of Australia

Why this innocent family photo at a tourist spot has angered thousands of Australians

  • Angry Hikers Surprised By Lookout Family Lockdown
  • They had organized a picnic on Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria

A hiker has taken a photo of a tourist family at an Australian scenic landmark blocking an entire viewpoint while setting up a picnic complete with sun loungers.

The photo was shared online Monday, where it garnered more than 2,300 comments in less than a day.

“It’s a long weekend so Wilson’s Promontory was very busy, lots of people missed out on great photos and views because these people wanted them for themselves,” the Reddit user wrote.

The national park is in Victoria and includes a peninsula that is the southernmost point of the Australian mainland.

Victorian came out in droves Monday for the Labor Day public holiday with decent weather across most of the state.

The hiker said the national park was packed due to the holiday and many visitors were upset that the hikers had taken over the entire viewpoint.

Some people suggested that the family didn't realize they were blocking everyone else's surveillance.

Some people suggested that the family didn’t realize they were blocking everyone else’s surveillance.

The post sparked a debate about whether the family was being genuinely selfish or simply didn’t know they were blocking public surveillance.

I’ve seen this happen before. I got closer and took photos. Then they realized they were in the way, apologized, moved around a bit and we chatted about the weather,” one person wrote.

“People just do stupid things with no regard for other people,” they added.

“Just walk between all their chairs and stand there looking at the view for as long as you want, it’s not theirs,” said another.

“I would have just sat down and joined them,” added a third.

“I lived on Maui in Hawaii and this type of behavior was consistent among tourists,” said a fourth.

Wilson’s Promontory is a popular whale watching location with southern right whales and humpback whales common in the area along with seals, dolphins and even penguins.

But others said the group's 'audacity' to set up the entire gazebo was ridiculous.

But others said the group’s ‘audacity’ to set up the entire gazebo was ridiculous.

The unobstructed view at Wilson's Promontory, a popular spot for hiking and whale watching

The unobstructed view at Wilson’s Promontory, a popular spot for hiking and whale watching